OS X 10.9 to bring more iOS features to the desktop?

OS X 10.9 to bring more iOS features?
Is a better multitasking panel on its way?

The release of OS X 10.8 Mountain Lion saw Apple move its Mac desktop more towards the iOS experience and, if rumours are to be believed, that trend is only going to continue with 10.9.

The new operating system will reportedly be bringing a lot more "power-user" characteristics that draw on some of the iOS core features.

One such characteristic is a new multitasking panel similar to the swipable menu found on iPhones and iPads when you double-click the home button, as well as the ability to pause background apps and run full-screen apps on different monitors.

Apple to the core

A new Safari browser is also expected, redesigned under the hood to improve overall speed and efficiency.

However, it doesn't look as though the OS update, which we may see alongside the MacBook Pro refresh at WWDC 2013, will be a major overhaul like those we've seen in the past.

There's also no further word on whether Siri might be speaking up on OS X 10.9, though it's previously been reported that Apple is looking to bring the feature in to its Mac ranges.

Apple has codenamed the new operating system "Cabernet." Can we read anything from this? Perhaps it means the OS will get better with age. Or maybe it just means we won't have anything to "wine" about when we finally get our fingertips on it.

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