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How ARM is gaining the upper hand in mobile gaming graphics

There are a number of initiatives underway in the market to try and address this, but we feel the approach taken by Geomerics provides an advanced and highly unique approach which is, importantly, compatible with the semiconductor platforms already being used in mobile market. The Geomerics solution will accelerate the realisation of global illumination, with minimum impact on the battery life of mobile devices, unlike approaches which rely on additional silicon area.

In addition to this, Geomerics' provides and flexible, highly productive approach which is intuitive to graphics artists.

TRP: How does ARM envision using Geomerics' technology in smartphone graphics performance?

DL: Geomerics is already seeing significant success in the console/PC gaming space. As I mentioned, its lightweight approach makes it ideal for today's mobile devices, with minimal impact made on power consumption. When we combine this with ARM's insight on future mobile platform capabilities, it provides an ideal combination to ensure optimised mobile performance in the future.

TRP: Does this mean Geomerics' technology will only work on ARM-based products in the future?

DL: Not at all. Advanced lighting technologies such as those being developed by Geomerics offer huge benefits across the entire graphics industry. Geomerics currently supports a wide range of platforms, and will continue to fully support those platforms as well as many more in the future.

TRP: So what does this mean for Geomerics?

DL: Geomerics' business will carry on as before and will continue to support a wide variety of platforms in the market, whether ARM-based or not. What we have done is empower the Geomerics portfolio with ARM's graphics capabilities and market reach. This is mutually beneficial allowing ARM to further extend partnerships and ecosystem activities around our rapidly accelerating 'Mali' visual computing products, and Geomerics to move into new markets.

We're very excited to work together as one unit and to see what future collaboration will bring to the fold.