Hands on: LG LSM-100 SmartScan mouse review

In pictures: LG LSM-100 SmartScan mouse
Mouse and scanner, all rolled into one

LG had a number of interesting bits of kit on its IFA 2011 stand, but nothing was quite like the LG SmartScan Mouse.

It's a mouse that has the added bonus of being able to scan documents for you as well.

Like any good superhero, for the most part the LG SmartScan mouse masquerades as a normal computing peripheral most of the time but by tapping just one simple button situated on the left-hand side of the mouse, you can also scan any document up to A3-size with the device.

LG smartscan mouse

The idea of scanning something with an unsteady hand may not sound appealing but the technology inside the device means that you can literally swipe the mouse over the doc and it will appear on your screen as if you were wiping a window clean – then you just go over the areas you missed before.

LG smartscan mouse

It does feel like LG is creating a solution to a problem that isn't really there with the LG SmartScan mouse but with our short try with the device it was great to use – and the time between scanning and it appearing on the screen was very short. The scans appear in 300dpi and the mouse also has text recognition on board.

LG smartscan mouse

Once you have scanned the images, then they can be saved as a number of files (the usual PNG, JPEG, TIFF, BMP, PDF, XLS or DOC formats).

LG smartscan mouse

The LG SmartScan mouse is out now and is priced around £85.

Marc Chacksfield

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