This new parking sensor will save your rear end


We've all been there. You put your car in reverse, check your mirrors, look out the back, tap the gas, and then comes the sickening crunch as your bumper comes into contact with something. FenSens wants to prevent this problem with a simple Bluetooth-connected wireless parking sensor.

The FenSens is a license plate frame replacement anyone can install with a screwdriver. Simply attach the FenSens on top of your license plate, connect it wirelessly to the app on your Android or Apple device, and backing into parking garage columns will be a thing of the past.

FenSens plans to support Android Auto with its app, too, so you can take advantage of infotainment displays.

Even if your phone is hidden in a purse or pocket, the FenSens app alerts drivers to impending collisions with an audible beep or vibration.

The only downside is remembering to unhook the FenSens plate surround to charge the internal rechargeable battery. However, FenSens claims the battery should last five months between charges.

The FenSens will ship this winter and retail for $149, but the company is offering a $50 discount if you subscribe to its newsletter.