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New Michael Moore film released online for free

Slacker Uprising, available to watch on 23 September
Slacker Uprising, available to watch on 23 September

Political commentator Michael Moore is to distribute his new movie online for free as a "gift to his fans," according to the filmmaker.

The movie, Slacker Uprising, charts the lead up to 2004 Presidential elections, when Moore visited over 60 campuses to get the students to vote.

While the film won't be getting a theatrical release – this was never going to happen, according to Moore – it will be released on DVD, so you will only be able to watch the film for free for three weeks.

It will premiere on video-upload site in the UK 23 September.

What's up, Doc?

The film comes after his last documentary Sicko, which looked at the American Health Care system, was given an Academy Award nomination for Best Documentary Feature.

Slacker Uprising cost $2 million to make, and was originally going to be titled Captain Mike Across America.