Pace sets the pace for wireless video

Pace Connection Suite optimises your Wi-Fi for video content
Pace Connection Suite optimises your Wi-Fi for video content

Pace is choosing this year's IBC (International Broadcast Conference) to launch a new product that is said to be a "crucial step in enabling operators to launch viable wireless in-home video services to subscribers."

Called the Pace Connection Suite, the company is offering a software solution that monitors and adapts the wireless network in the home.

Basically, the Suite will modify your bandwidth connection to make sure that any video streamed is done so in real-time, with no breaks in picture and sound quality.

Pictures smooth, without errors

Speaking about the new software, Darren Fawcett, Chief Technologist for Wireless Systems, at Pace said: "The demand from operators and consumers alike for home networking solutions is becoming very real.

"The technology to move content wirelessly around the home has been around for some time, but the issue has always been about delivering real-time video in a robust manner that eliminates disturbing artefacts from the end picture.

"Pace Connection Suite solves this problem by intelligently managing the requirements on the network through the use of transcoding and transrating to ensure the end picture appears smooth and without errors."

Whether Pace can live up to its claims is yet to be seen, but if you are in Amsterdam next week, then pop along to IBC, where the company is showcasing its Connection Suite.

Marc Chacksfield

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