Netscape to make a comeback with version 9.0


AOL has taken up the development of its Netscape 9.0 web browser again, it said on a blog posting yesterday.

The forthcoming version of Netscape will yet again be based on Mozilla 's Firefox 2.0 web browser, and will include a number of functions tweaked for AOL's products and services. For example, the web browser will be closely integrated with AOL's user driven news portal.

A big difference between Netscape versions 8.0 and 9.0 is that AOL has created its own development team to develop Netscape 9.0. Version 8.0 was developed by Mercurial Communications , on behalf of AOL.

It's been pretty quiet around Netscape since AOL released Netscape 8.0 about a year ago. But the announcement yesterday indicates that a new version should be out in the next few months.

The development of Netscape 9.0 can be tracked on AOL's Netscape blog .