Best Boxing Day sales 2022 in Australia: the top tech deals still available post sale

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[Update January 3, 2023: with the arrival of the new year, most Boxing Day sales have ended. There are still a few retailers that have extended their deals, but if you want to keep up to date with the latest sales in 2023, check out what we think are the best Australian tech deals, which gets updated up to three times a week with the bargains currently on the web.]

The year is coming to a close and Boxing Day deals are here to give us one last opportunity to save. The official day itself has arrived, meaning all retailers taking part in Boxing Days sales this year will have rolled out their savings for you to enjoy.

Interestingly we're seeing a lot of offers, particularly from Amazon, that come close to what we saw during Black Friday and Cyber Monday in November, and that's excellent news for bargain hunters.

Sure, these aren't going to be Christmas presents for anyone, but you can always get something for the new year, whether it's to avoid doing the vacuuming yourself (there are excellent discounts on robot vacuum cleaners) or pick up a bunch of games or controllers for cheap to play with mates.

So, if you missed out on anything during Black Friday and Cyber Monday, keep an eye out for it during the Boxing Day sales.

Boxing Day sales 2022: top retailers

Best Boxing Day deals still available

Xbox Series S

Xbox Series S | AU$499 AU$429 on Amazon (save AU$70)

If you want to play the latest generation of games for less, the Xbox Series S is a great option. This latest-gen console has jumped back up in price from a low AU$399 (offered back during Boxing Day), though you can still pick up this console for AU$429, netting you a saving of AU$70. While this console doesn’t have a disc drive, when paired with a Xbox Game Pass subscription (not included), you’ll have access to a huge catalogue of games both new and old. 

HP Omen 17-inch (ck1005TX)

HP Omen 17-inch (ck1005TX) | i7 / 16GB RAM / 1TB SSD / RTX 3080 Ti | AU$4,899 AU$3,429 on HP (save AU$1,470)

You can pick up this HP Omen with some pretty decent specs for a big saving of AU$1,370. For AU$3,429 you're getting an Intel i7-12700H processor paired with a mighty RTX 3080 Ti graphics card. You'll enjoy smooth graphics thanks to this machine's 165Hz QHD screen and never run out of space with a 1TB SSD.

Apple AirPods (2nd Gen)

Apple AirPods (2nd Gen) | AU$219 AU$179 on Amazon (save AU$40)

While the 3rd-gen model have succeeded the Apple AirPods (2nd Gen), they still offer excellent connectivity, wireless charging and the ability to access Siri. With decent audio quality overall, just note that music can sound a little harsh on these buds at higher frequencies.

LG 55-inch C2 OLED TV

LG 55-inch C2 OLED TV | AU$3,195 AU$2,290 on Appliance Central (save AU$905)

Sitting at the top of our best TV guide, this stunning TV got a five-star review, so you can trust you're getting a top notch TV well worth it's price, especially when its on sale. offering outstanding OLED picture quality with immersive Dolby Atmos sound plus a bunch of gamer friendly features, you can currently pick up a saving on this TV across a number sizes.

Discounts available in other sizes:
42-inch: AU$2,295 AU$1,595 (save AU$700)
• 48-inch: AU$2,695 AU$1,920 (save AU$775)
• 65-inch: AU$4,295 AU$3,260 (save AU$1,035) on back order
77-inch: AU$7,995 AU$5,520 (save AU$2,545)
83-inch: AU$9,995 AU$7,250 (save AU$2,745)

Nanoleaf Shapes mini triangles (5 panels)

Nanoleaf Shapes mini triangles (5 panels) | AU$190 AU$100 on Nanoleaf (save AU$90)

Lighten up your space with this light kit from Nanoleaf. From AU$100 for the 5 panel starter kit or AU$200 for the 9 panel starter kit, you can create a stunning lighting display for your home that offers up a broad spectrum of colours.

Garmin Fenix 6S

Garmin Fenix 6S | AU$999 AU$499 on Amazon (save AU$500)

While not at its lowest price (AU$454 during Black Friday and just before Boxing Day on Amazon and AU$399 on Bing Lee), there's still a big saving of 50% off the Garmin Fenix 6S. For AU$499, you're getting one of the best multi-sports watches on the market that will help you achieve your new year's fitness goals. 

NeueChair ergonomic office chair

NeueChair ergonomic office chair | AU$979 AU$919 on Secretlab (save AU$60)

The NeueChair is our #2 pick in our guide to the best office chairs you can buy in Australia. You can currently save AU$60 on this excellent ergonomic chair when you buy directly from Secretlab. We particularly like its breathable mesh back, and you can customise armrest height and angle, lumbar support and backrest tilt.

Secretlab Titan Evo 2022

Secretlab Titan Evo 2022 | from AU$609 (save up to AU$150)

Secretlab’s Titan Evo gaming chairs are up to AU$150 off when you buy directly from the maker. We don’t think it can be beat in terms of customisation, with seat size, upholstery and colour all options you can pick and choose at checkout. And once you get the gaming chair, you can adjust its height, armrest angle, lumbar support and backrest tilt.

Boxing Day sales 2022: everything you need to know

Boxing Day sales 2022: when do they start?

Boxing Day is always the day after Christmas – December 26 – and it brings with it the last major sale event of the year. In the past, Boxing Day sales in Australia have just been a one-day event, starting and ending on December 26, but that's no longer the case.

In recent years, some retailers have launched their Boxing Day deals a few days ahead, meaning there are discounts to be found during Christmas itself. And, instead of ending on Boxing Day, some retailers offer those same deals till the end of the year... depending on stock, of course.

With this in mind, it's well worth keeping an eye out for early deals from, say, Christmas Eve, if you aren't too busy celebrating. The Boxing Day sales won't help you score a last-minute Christmas present though, but you can still treat yourself over the jolly season.

If you'd like to start shopping right now, though, DJI has already started its Holiday Sale with up to 40% off select items, while we're expecting Amazon to kick off its Boxing Day sale on schedule at 12am AEDT on December 24.

When will the Boxing Day 2022 deals end and January 2023 sales begin?

While some retailers will carry on offering Boxing Day deals till the end of the  year, several will end their last sale of the year at 11:59pm AEDT on December 26. However, this will vary from retailer to retailer, and will also largely depend on stock levels.

There are some retailers who will switch from Boxing Day sales to January sales on December 27, then extending it through into the new year, which could be a good way to pick up some back-to-school items on the cheap.

What is a Boxing Day sale in Australia?

Boxing Day sales have been occurring in Australia for years now, having become part of the post-Christmas tradition. Having started back in the 1980s, Boxing Day sales on December 26 now just feels like part of the holiday season here.

There was a time when customers would wake up in the wee hours of the morning and line up outside big stores like Myer and David Jones, but with online shopping now oh so convenient, that's not necessary any longer.

Still the option of grabbing that top bargain first thing in the morning is still a good idea because... stock. If there's something you really want (or need) and the price suits you, just go for it before you miss out.

Typically, Boxing Day sales are on select items only, although don't be surprised if retailers stores off a storewide discount on anything and everything. 

Is it better to shop during Black Friday or Boxing Day?

The answer to this question isn't quite straightforward. Boxing Day has typically seen some steep price drops on fashion and homewares, particularly on stocks that retailers are trying to offload. The flip side to that Black Friday is the best time to shop for tech, particularly premium tech, whether that's headphones, TVs or smartwatches.

However, these days it's all really mixed up. You should still be able to score a great telly for less, but you may not be able the find the kind of discounts on laptops as you would during Black Friday. And considering Amazon has already dropped the price of the Apple Watch 7 to its lowest after Black Friday, there's hope yet for high-ticket tech products for Boxing Day.

Boxing Day sales 2022: what to expect

While we saw a lot of brand-new releases get very good discounts during Black Friday and Cyber Monday, Boxing Day sales are more about clearing out old stock before the new year. So while we might still see some of hot new tech releases get discounts, particularly cameras and TVs, keep a lookout for older stock too as they'll likely come with bigger savings.

So what items can you expect to see discounts on this Boxing Day? We've gone back to the last few sales to find out.

TV deals


(Image credit: LG)

Boxing Day and the January sales are a great time to pick up a discount on a TV. Bing Lee, The Good Guys and JB Hi-Fi in particular will be the retailers to beat, although eBay, Appliance Central, and Appliances Online should also offer great deals in their own right too. One place where you’re unlikely to find a good TV deal is on Amazon, although keep your eyes peeled for a Sony telly going cheap on the online retail site.

While it's still early days, the Boxing Day sales have traditionally been a good time to pick up the latest releases from the prior year – think fancy OLEDs or QLED displays. The newest features tend to trickle down to the cheaper models too, so if you're looking for something a bit more affordable, then you should be well catered for. 

This year's premium TV sets have focused on support for the next-gen gaming consoles – the PS5 and Xbox Series X – so if you own one of these consoles, then you should be able to find a deal on a capable TV too. Our favourite OLED panel is the LG C2 OLED TV (pictured here) and it’s likely to get a good discount on Boxing Day.

Computing and laptop deals

Dell XPS 13 laptop

(Image credit: Dell)

While Black Friday and EOFY are typically thought of as the best times of year to pick up a discounted laptop or PC, we definitely wouldn’t rule out Boxing Day and January sales as a close contender. Leading retailers will absolutely be looking to compete with excellent options on everything from basic Chromebooks to lavish gaming laptops – and not just to shift old stock either.

Better still, large-scale global chip shortages haven’t really affected the laptop market in Australia, which means retailer shelves should be relatively well-stocked by the time Boxing Day rolls around. We expect manufacturers such as Dell and Lenovo to offer excellent options directly on their sites, while Amazon, eBay, The Good Guys and JB Hi-Fi make up the bulk of top retailer options. Just don't expect too many discounts on MacBooks though.

Headphones, tablets and smartphones

AirPods Pro 2

The Black Friday sales period delivered a huge amount of headphones deals, with discounts on Apple AirPods, Sony and Bose headphones and Jabra earbuds, just to name a few. We think it’s likely we’ll see similar options on Boxing Day, though it’s hard to say whether the savings will be as steep. 

There’s also potential for Boxing Day to bring sales on smartphones. We didn't spot too many offers on iPhones over Black Friday, and we're not expecting that to change this December, but there's a good likelihood of scoring Samsung flagships.

There weren't too many iPad deals in November either, but we're hoping to see something appear this month, perhaps just an extension of the 7%-13% off we saw during Black Friday. However, Samsung’s Galaxy Tab range is the more likely candidate for price cuts.

Health and fitness

Apple Watch SE

(Image credit: Amazon)

The Boxing Day and January sales are prime time for retailers looking to cash in on those popular fitness-focused New Year’s resolutions. If you think you’ll be one of many to kick start a new fitness routine in January, then you’ll likely find excellent discounts on fitness gadgets (should you want them).

Last year's Boxing Day and January sales included competitive prices on the Fitbit Charge 4 and the Fitbit Versa 3. We’re expecting more deals on Fitbits this Boxing Day, along with plenty of big discounts on Garmin watches, as was the case over Black Friday recently.

The Apple Watch 7 saw a very good discount during Black Friday, so here's hoping we see a return of offers on this very popular smartwatch.

How to get the best deals during Boxing Day sales

Any sale can be overwhelming, particularly the big ones, because of the staggering number of deals and discounts you need to sift through. If you happen to be going in-store to shop this year, be sure to get there early, so check opening times.

Online shopping is a beast unto itself. Be sure you keep a careful eye on your budget – an important consideration during these hard economic conditions – and make a list of items you'd like to purchase. Try and stick with that list and the budget.

You can use the Boxing Day sales to stock up on back-to-school items too as there will be plenty of discounts on things your kids will need in the coming year.

Boxing Day sales: best deals from last year

One of the best ways to figure out what to expect from this year's Boxing Day and January sales is to take a look back what was on offer the previous year. It's also good to take a look at the discount that was available then, so you get a good idea of what's a good price to pay this time round.

However, with stock issues still plaguing some retailers and brands, the savings may not compare, but it's good to have an idea either way.

With that in mind, below are some of the best deals we saw during Boxing Day 2022.


Razer Blade 15 Advanced | i7 / 32GB RAM / 1TB SSD / RTX 3080 | AU$5,399 AU$3,419.05 on eBay (AU$1,979.95 off)

This absolutely blazing 15.6-inch gaming laptop overflowing with high-end components got a whopper of a discount last year, but it was exclusive to eBay Plus members only. We're expecting similar offers on powerful gaming laptops again this time round, so if you haven't already signed up for a membership, you can become an eBay Plus member now and get yourself a 30-day free trial that will cover Boxing Day.


Microsoft Surface Go 2 | Intel Pentium Gold / 8GB RAM / 128GB SSD | AU$879 AU$699 on The Good Guys (AU$180 off)

This budget Surface device got a 20% discount over at The Good Guys and we're hoping something like pops up again but on the newer Microsoft Surface Go 3 instead. This premium tablet runs on Windows 11 and it's a great alternative to iPads and Android tablets.


Meta Quest 2 (256GB) | AU$639 AU$569 on Amazon (AU$70 off)

At the time it was still the Oculus Quest 2, and instead of coming with some Amazon credit as it did during Black Friday last year and this year, Amazon actually dropped the price by a wee bit. We're unsure whether we'll see an actual discount or more credit being offered, but keep an eye out for this hot seller.


Sony WF-1000XM4 | AU$449 AU$339 on Amazon (AU$110 off)

Sony's excellent ANC buds were down to AU$295 recently on Amazon, so keep an eye out for these again if you want one of the best noise cancelling earbuds on the market. today. Warm audio, clear detail and good ANC in a very compact earbud makes this a clear winner.


Jabra Elite 85t | AU$299 AU$199 on Amazon (AU$100 off)

We saw Jabra's top true wireless buds drop to their lowest price yet over Black Friday 2022 – AU$177 – so don't be surprised if that happens again. For the price, it's got great sound and up to 5.5 hours of playback per charge (an additional 25 hours in the case), these are a great budget buy.


Bose Noise Cancelling Headphones 700 | AU$599.95 AU$379.95 at Bose (AU$220 off) 

Not only do the Bose NC 700 headphones have great sound and an excellent look and feel on your ears, they're perfect for voice calls when you're on the move. While Amazon has slashed the price down to AU$330 previously, keep an eye on Bose's own online store to see if you can score a good discount.


Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 3 (128GB) | AU$1,499 AU$997 on Amazon (AU$502 off)

We saw the Z Flip 3 even cheaper during Black Friday 2022, but we also saw some excellent discount on the Z Flip 4. So if you're really keen on a foldable phone, keep an eye out on Amazon for some top discounts on the entire range.


Samsung HW-Q900A | AU$1,499 AU$930 at Appliance Central (AU$569 off)

There was a huge chunk of change to be saved on this Samsung soundbar setup. It comes bundled with a subwoofer and delivers 7.1.2-channel surround sound, with support for Dolby Atmos and DTS:X standards. It’s also able to optimise audio based on its surroundings – a pretty neat feature. It's been cheaper, so if you're in need of a really good sound system for your telly, keep an eye open for this one.


LG 65-inch C1 OLED TV | AU$3,999 AU$2,695.35 on Bing Lee eBay (AU$1,303.65 off)

LG's 65-inch C1 model was at the top of our best TVs list last year but has since been replaced by the C2. And considering we saw telly prices drop like flies over Black Friday and Cyber Monday, we're expecting to see great TVs on offer during Boxing Day as well. Check out eBay, Appliance Central and Appliances Online for the best prices, but also keep an eye on JB Hi-Fi and The Good Guys.


Google Nest Hub Max | AU$349 AU$249 on the Google Store (AU$100 off)

It's been our #1 choice in our best smart displays buying guide for quite a while now, and it consistently gets a discount during major sales. So if you'd like to have Google Assistant at your beck and call, plus control all smart home from one hub, this is it.


Nanoleaf Lines start kits | from AU$348 from AU$278.40 on Amazon (up to AU$108 off)

It was a brand new release last year and hasn't actually seen a decent discount since. It's one of our favourite smart light systems here at TechRadar, so we're hoping it gets an equivalent 20% off discount this year, if not more.


Fitbit Sense activity tracker | AU$449.95 AU$298 on Amazon (AU$151.95 off)

At the time this was the cheapest price on Fitbit's most advanced smartwatch. We now have the Sense 2 available with a small discount on Amazon already, so here's hoping we can score the newer model for a lot less than RRP. There's a lot to recommend the Sense 2, from sleep tracking to heart tracking, and even stress tracking.

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