Onkyo launches upgradeable DAB/FM radio

The Onkyo T-4555 is a DAB/FM radio with a difference - you can easily upgrade it to take advantage of future radio standards like DAB .

The T-4555 can do this, Onkyo says, because it has a modular design borrowed from the company's 2004 TX-NR5000E home cinema receiver. The TX-NR5000E used drop-in modules (like PCM cards on a PC) that enabled you to upgrade its surround sound decoding capabilities. The Onkyo T-4555 works on a similar basis:

"Given some of the concerns that are being currently voiced, about the possibility of the current DAB standard being rendered obsolete by the mooted launch of DAB , consumers could be forgiven for treading cautiously when purchasing hardware.

"That won't be an issue for the Onkyo T-4555. Should a new additional or replacement standard for digital radio be adopted in the UK at some stage in the future, Onkyo will make available a revised version of the tuner module.

"T-4555 owners will then be able to upgrade their tuner to the latest standard by purchasing a new module and replacing it for the 'old' one. A simple, elegant and utterly effective solution," the Onkyo press release says.

Audiophile components, user-friendly features

As you'd expect from a hi-fi company of Onkyo's calibre, the T-4555 is awash with audiophile-grade enhancements that give you the best possible sound. These include a vibration-free chassis, Nichicon capacitors and an over-specified D-type power transformer.

A key feature for radio listeners too will be the Onkyo T-4555's 40-station presets (split across DAB, FM, and AM wavebands). Another will be its dynamic range control (DRC) for late night listening.

Technical specification

  • 40 DAB/FM/AM presets
  • Automatic/manual DAB/FM/AM tuning
  • Preset auto scan
  • Direct tuning mode
  • Radio Data System (RDS [PS/RT/PTY/TP])
  • Ground isolation circuit for digital/analogue
  • DAB information (DLS [Dynamic Label Segment]/Program Type/Bit rate and audio mode/Signal quality/Multiplex name/Multiplex number & frequency)
  • DAB station listing (Alphabetical order/Multiplex order/Favourite order/Active order/Trim station)
  • DAB scan mode
  • DAB auto scanning (Band III/L-Band)
  • DAB Dynamic Range Control (DRC)
  • Radio Data System (RDS [PS/RT/PTY/TP])
  • Dot-matrix display (with Band/RDS/Stereo/Mono indicators)
  • 3-mode dimmer (via remote)
  • Supplied DAB/FM/AM antennas
  • Front panel controls (Category Up/Down, Preset Up/Down, Auto Scan, Display, Memory/Tuning Mode, Band, Tuning/Channel)
  • Hi-rigidity anti-resonant chassis
  • Aluminum front panel
  • Remote control
  • Remote control ID number set-up
  • Isolated tuner board bay
  • D-type power transformer
  • 12 V trigger input/output
  • RS232 port
  • IR input/output
  • Gold-plated audio outputs
  • Supplied accessories include audio and RI cables.

The Onkyo T-4555 is on sale now for £300.