Apple WWDC 2018 live blog: the iOS 12 and macOS 10.4 launch as it happened

11.23 - There's a new Pride Watch face and band - like we told you about last week. Live from noon today if you want the face.

11.22 - We're getting the rundown now. Oh, apparently third party apps can play background audio, without needing to be front and center. Or change the order in your Control Center on the watch, and have a student ID card in your Watch too - allowing you to enter dorms, pay for stuff and food and just... OK, I'm too old to know what students do these days.

11.21 - She's back ahead of Jay! This woman is organized. I'm going to pretend that whole demo wasn't totally scripted.

11.19 - Now she's looking at nap time for her baby, as she often does that at this time of day. She's getting a bit tired from the cycling... I want to say how impressive it is that someone is doing a demo while actually working out.

WALKIE TALKIE DEMO! She's talking to her child in the middle of it. Her child is also smack talking 'Uncle Jay'. I feel for Jay in this.

11.17 - Jules is being challenged by Jay - presumably Blahnik from the Apple team - and she's sending him 'smack talk' then inviting him to dinner from the Watch.

Jules is a confusing lady. She's now checking her holiday plans on her wrist while biking... come on Jules, this isn't going to destroy Jay. Focus.

11.16 - Podcasts is coming to watchOS 5. That's about there's all to say on that, other than it's going to be synced over iCloud, picking up where you left off. That's watchOS 5. 

We have a live demo with Jules from the Apple Watch team, showing how to start a workout with GymKit.

Nothing from being able to stream from Spotify sadly - I really wanted that to be a thing this time.

11.13 - Third party apps will be integrated into the Siri Watchface, telling you which apps you use a lot at that time. Will that be annoying?

Talking of which, when you raise your wrist you'll be able to speak to Siri without saying 'Hey Siri'. As well as that, interactive notifications, so when you get info you can change what happens within the app at the same time.

Basically, the app will be open when it's a notification.

You can view web content on your wrist as well - not full pages, but relevant info. It's not clear how each one will be able to come up though, but Kevin says that it's been thought of.

11.12 - This is a childhood dream come true. I hope everyone does this - it works over cellular or WiFi, and gives a haptic notification when it's incoming too. 

Siri is going to get an enhancement too, so heart rate, map info and sports scors, with Shortcuts (mentioned earlier) allowing you to see important things at the right time.


11.10 - This will be interesting - but it seems to only be walking, running and swimming to start. Not cycling, sadly.

And Apple Watch will also tell you when you should end the workout when it detects it.

11.07 - You can also add in Yoga - taking into account heart rate, or Hiking which will take into account heart rate and altitude to give more info.

Now there's rolling mile pace in the Workouts for running, and pace alerts to let you know if you're going too fast or slow, and cadence too. These are big additions for runners, let me tell you.

Oooooh, automatic workout detection, finally. 

11.05 - Every time Kevin comes on stage, he's so much more comfortable. He definitely didn't want to be there first time.

Health and fitness is being talked up first - over 6TB of data when multiple study participants offered up their info. New challenges are coming into it as well, with watchOS 5 allowing you to challenge your friends to a Competition at any time, with each ring closed allows you take a point.

YES. Nobody will be my friend on a Watch any more.

11.04 - We're hearing a story on how an Apple Watch saved someone - she was wearing a Watch, using Siri to call 911, and when her husband fell in the water, she wasn't able to reach her phone while holding him up.

Apple is often pushing these stories, trying to show how it can really help give you health insights in the day. It's interesting to see the pivot from the first model.

Oh, watchOS 5 is here. Kevin Lynch is here to talk about it.

11.02 - Now we're talking Apple Watch... hmm, what will this be?

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