Apple WWDC 2018 live blog: the iOS 12 and macOS 10.4 launch as it happened

11.32 - Next up for Aerials is Earth... filmed by astronauts on the ISS, you'll be able to have a look at the world underneath those space people, showing the lights going on and off as the sun sets and rises. 

It's nice to look at indeed. I feel the need to buy a massive, massive TV just to watch this.

The way it's being talked about it's like Apple invented Earth. Ooooh, social commentary.

'iEarth?' Says Cat Ellis, our downloads editor. 'Well, it's already the iSS'.

11.31 - Jen is talking about how much she loves Apple TV, from movies, to music, to apps and games to more.

The screensaver 'Aerial' information is getting upgraded, so with a tap of the Siri remote you'll be able to see the locations of the Aerial, and swipe to see more vistas.

11.30 - If you're on the cable subsciber's broadband, Apple will work it out and with 'Zero Sign On' it'll automatically log you into whatever you're using to watch in the TV app.

11.29 - There are many new apps and channels coming, like Canal+ and Charter Spectrum in the US, allowing more information and channels, with Siri able to get access. 

This is Apple really taking it to the cable providers in the US - so if you're a subscriber, you can easily enter your cable credentials and all the apps supported will be added in.

11.28 - Apple is going to automatically update your titles to Dolby Atmos if it's compatible - that's a big move.

11.25 - Not really. She's talking about Apple TV. Just reiterating how much 4K is on iTunes, and that Apple upgraded your titles already. This is just going over old ground. What's next?

Oh, Dolby Atmos into the mix. That's pretty important, as now your home cinema (if compatible) will be far more immersive.

11.24 - Jen Folse from Apple TV is on stage now. Guess what she's talking about. Yep, cereal and bears.

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