Apple iPhone X leather case is $19 cheaper in early Amazon Prime Day deal


The official iPhone X leather cases were rather expensive on launch day at $49 when you just bought a $1,000 iPhone. But there's a new deal for these exact case today.

You can buy a genuine leather iPhone X case in Taupe for are $19 off MSRP in the prelude to Amazon Prime Day 2018. That comes out to $30, or 30% off Apple's original launch price. It's actually $28.70 for Amazon Prime subscribers, giving you an extra $1.30 discount.

The neutral colored Taupe case is the cheapest case. Other colors have discounts, too. The Saddle Brown and Charcoal Gray cases are $38.25, for example, over $10 off. The Midnight Blue case color is currently $43.28, and the Pink Fuchsia case costs $44.99. Cosmos Blue doesn't have a discount attached to it, and Amazon is sold out of the popular Black and ProductRed cases.

All of these iPhone X cases are made from "specially tanned and finished European Leather so the outside feels soft to the touch and develops a natural patina over time," according to Apple's always-superfluous description. 

Our favorite part? They have machined aluminum buttons that match the case color. That's the big advantage of these leather cases over the TPU rubber-feeling iPhone X cases – the buttons don't click in nearly as well on Apple's cheapest cases.

We'll have a list of more early Amazon Prime Day deals in the lead up to July 16 and July 18. But if you're interested in official Apple iPhone X cases, there's probably not going to be a better deal than this one.