AMD’s Ryzen processors are flying off the shelves, should Intel be worried?

It looks like AMD is finally on the comeback in the processor world, with boosted sales for July 2018, meaning that the chipmaker has drawn level with big rival Intel, at least according to the latest figures from a major German tech retailer.

Obviously that’s a limited assessment of the processor market to say the least, but the stats from retailer Mindfactory show that sales are now bang on level-pegging: AMD has 50% of the market, and Intel the other 50%.

That’s interesting, because June’s figures showed Intel was in the lead with a 55% market share, and it has been dominating with its 8th-gen processors since the start of the year. Indeed the chip giant had a 61% dominance back in January and February, as we’ve previously reported.

So the narrative is that AMD has managed to claw back onto level terms (previously, going back further to the summer of 2017, AMD actually led with a 56% market share).

Discount driver

Why have the scales tipped back in AMD’s favor? The obvious drivers are the fact that AMD has some tasty new Ryzen 2nd Generation processors on offer, which are finally making more of an impact, plus it has discounted the prices of its various Ryzen chips (particularly the original offerings, in the light of the 2nd Generation launch, of course).

The fact that AMD has been knocking down prices is reflected in the relative share of revenue, with Intel having a solid lead in this respect. If we look at the money coined in rather than the pure number of units shifted, Intel took 58% of the revenue that went through Mindfactory’s tills.

These are interesting statistics to examine, for sure, but it’s worth repeating that they are drawn from one sole source, so hardly a reflection of the entire market.

Another interesting nugget comes in the breakdown of Intel’s processor sales – no less than 86% of those sold were Coffee Lake (8th-gen) CPUs. Almost all of the chips flogged, in other words.

AMD had a much broader three-way split, with Pinnacle Ridge (Ryzen 2nd Generation) consisting of 44% of sales, Summit Ridge at 31%, and Raven Ridge on 22%. Threadripper CPUs accounted for 2% of unit sales.


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