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Amazon Prime Exclusive phones will no longer feature ads

The best part of Amazon’s US-exclusive Prime Exclusive phones program? It’s the cheapest way to get your hands on a wide array of excellent Android smartphones, like the LG G6, Moto X4 and more – fully unlocked. 

The worst part of it, though, is the baked-in lock screen offers and ads.

But starting tomorrow, it’s going to be a lot harder to complain since Amazon will be issuing a software update to all phones that it sells to remove those advertisements. Why the change of course? Well, it just wants consumers to get more use and enjoyment out of their smartphones.

Specifically, Amazon notes that removing lock screen ads and offers will allow customers to personalize their lock screens and get better use out of phones that employ biometric measures like face recognition and fingerprint sensors. 

The removal of the lock screen ads and offers is a good move, but what’s not changing is the folder of pre-installed applications, including Prime Video, Prime Music, Prime Photos and Amazon’s deal widget. Ideally, these phones wouldn’t come with any pre-installed apps, but at least these will be helpful to those deeply embedded in Amazon’s ecosystem.