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Alleged Pixel 5 Pro leaked images hint at an in-display selfie camera

Pixel 5
(Image credit: Google)
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Google is not very good when it comes to keeping secrets. Especially when it comes to its yet to be launched devices. Or maybe, it doesn't want to do so. Anyways, the news is that a few days back we spotted a new Pixel XE and today we’ve got our first glimpse of another Pixel device called the Pixel 5 Pro.

Now the leaked images hint at a device from the tier at Google since the phone doesn’t seem to have a cutout for a selfie camera hinting at an under-display camera.

Historically, Google has never used the monikers like XE and Pro for its devices. The phones always came in a vanilla variant and an XL variant only until recently when the search engine giant launched a stripped-down “A” variant and discarded the XL variant.

Coming back to the leaked images (opens in new tab), you can see a near bezel-less device without any punch-hole or a notch to make space for the front-facing camera. All you see is trimmed bezels on the three sides since none of the images shows the bottom bezel. It would be slightly surprising if Google is indeed planning to launch a device with under-display selfie camera because the technology has not been tested in many devices. 

In fact, the only device commercially available with an under-display selfie camera is ZTE Axon 20 5G. Brands like Xiaomi, Realme, Oppo etc. have been teasing their prototype devices with an under-display camera, though none is yet available to purchase in the market. Hence, for a company like Google to introduce a device with such a technology sound a bit iffy and raises doubt on these leaks.

Moreover, you can also see the device name as Pixel 5 Pro and the presence of dual SIM capabilities. The device image seems to be recently taken as the date on the phone shows December 7.

Additionally, the phone seems to house 8GB of RAM and 256GB of internal storage along with the platform name “Kona” which hints at the presence of Snapdragon 865 SoC. Now, this chipset was launched last year and was found in most Android flagships during the first half of 2020.

Hence, it’s a bit strange if Google is not going with the latest Snapdragon 888 chipset and instead wants to launch a phone with a dated processor. That said, the Pixel 5 came with a Snapdragon 765, hence, even a Snapdragon 865 is a massive boost.

Apart from this vague info, there is not much information available about this said device. There is no information around other hardware specs and the timing of these leaks is also slightly odd given that the next Pixel device is at least 4-5 months away. That too will most probably be an “A” variant Pixel 5. Hence, there is a probability that these images may turn out to be fake and we suggest not to take them seriously.

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Jitendra Soni
Jitendra Soni

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