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HP Pavilion tx2130ea review

A comfortable and well-made Tablet PC, but lacking in performance

HP tx2130ea
The HP Pavilion tx2130ea is a comfortable and well-equipped machine, and the touchscreen panel adds extra usability

Our Verdict

The touchscreen is a major attraction with this machine, but its limited performance will mean it struggles to attract much of a following


  • Great usability
  • Bright touchscreen
  • Packed with features


  • Low performance
  • Quite heavy

HP's Pavilion tx2130ea (£699 inc. VAT) is a nifty Tablet PC.

Unlike most Tablet PCs, the Pavilion features touchscreen technology rather than a digitised panel, meaning you'll be able to use your fingers in addition to the stylus. We found this worked well, with a digital mouse appearing on screen for carrying out right- and left-click actions.

A downside to touchscreen technology is the extra sensitivity – meaning you won't be able to rest your hand on the display when writing with the stylus. We found the display bright and crisp, but colour reproduction was poor, with images looking washed out.

Integrated graphics

Graphics come in the form of an integrated nVidia GeForce Go 6150 adapter. It's not the most powerful solution, but we found it handled most office tasks without trouble.

This laptop uses an AMD processor. It's a 2GHz dual-core chip, and there's enough power on offer for multi-tasking and everyday applications, but it lags behind some rival machines in terms of speed.

It also features less memory than some of the competition – at 2048MB. Battery life was poor, lasting for just over two hours between charges, although a larger 8-cell battery is included as standard, offering an additional 300 minutes of use.

When used as a normal laptop, the HP offers excellent usability, with a great keyboard. The large keys stretch almost to the edges of the chassis, and belie this machine's relatively small size. The keys are firmly attached and responsive, which makes typing at speed a comfortable experience.

The silver and gloss-black chassis is attractive and robust, with the screen held firmly in place by a single hinge. We found the 2.2kg weight a little too heavy to hold comfortably in one hand when used in slate mode, however.

Compact but fully-featured

Despite its small size, the HP is crammed with features. There's a tri-format DVD rewriter for backing up your files to blank discs, along with a 5-in-1 card reader for transferring files between digital devices.

Wireless networks can be joined using the latest 802.11n Wi-Fi adapter, and Gigabit Ethernet offers fast fixed connections. Bluetooth is provided as standard, and three USB ports let you connect a host of peripherals simultaneously.

The HP Pavilion tx2130ea is a comfortable and well-equipped machine, and the touchscreen panel adds extra usability. It lacked the performance of other machines here, however, and the screen's poor colour reproduction will also put off many consumers.