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£89 Kindle flying off virtual shelves, says Amazon

£89 Kindle flying off virtual shelves, says Amazon
Amazon Kindle - what everyone's getting for Christmas this year

The new £89 Amazon Kindle topped the sales list on its busiest ever day, with the ebook reader racking up its highest one day sales on Cyber Monday last week.

According to figures published by Amazon, the UK webstore saw phenomenal sales for the Kindle – with the new keyboard-less offering clearly hitting the present-worthy price window.

"History tells us that the busiest online shopping day is the first Monday in December and this year has followed that trend," said Amazon UK's MC Christopher North.

Stand-out product

"This year, Cyber Monday saw the most items ever ordered in a single day with Kindle being the stand-out product that looks set to appear under the most Christmas trees this festive season."

Of course, one of Amazon's most high-profile offerings is not available in the UK, with the Amazon Kindle Fire tablet UK release date still a mystery.

When and if it does arrive, the level of interest in the Kindle Fire is clearly mounting.

With the Kindle selling well in the UK, and the hoo-ha around the HP TouchPad firesale there is clearly an appetite for low-cost devices in Britain, and that is likely to be, ahem, tapped into.