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RIM bringing out new Javelin soon?

The BlackBerry Javelin
The BlackBerry Javelin

Research in Motion (RIM) seems to be pushing its BlackBerry brand as hard as possible, and new spy shots of the upcoming Javelin seem to hint the 3G-less Bold is on its way.

The Javelin is slated as something of a replacement for the popular Curve, and the pictures hint at the same, with a cosmetic and feature upgrade to keep the fans interested.

Charger change

The new pictures don't really give away any more clues about the device, which is rumoured to pack GPS, WiFi, a 3.2MP camera, GSM / EDGE quad-band and the 4.6 OS.

However, the chaps over at BerryReview have noticed a change in the connector from mini-USB to Micro-USB, which means some users will be annoyed at having useless chargers following an upgrade.

Still, if you're into EDGE phones that will make web-browsing a bit of a nightmare in WiFi-less zones, then at least the spy pics will keep you content until the thing actually becomes available.