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Obama launches iPhone application

Barack Obama has unveiled an iPhone application – as he looks to utilise technology in the US presidential election.

The Democratic candidate has used technology more aggressively than any previous candidate through his entire campaign – announcing his running mate by email and text – and mobile apps is his team's next idea.

"This tool is designed to help you become more directly involved in our campaign to change the country," says Obama's blog.

Call friends

The app will feature a 'call friends' option that will apparently help people arrange rallies to support Obama (because numbers are SO Regan era), as well as call logging and notes to remind you who needs prompting to vote.

Of course you can also receive updates on the campaign and all the news from the Obama camp as well, as he takes on the Republican candidate John McCain in the race to control the Whitehouse.

The app was apparently developed in three weeks, but has won praise for its 'slickness'. We've had a play and it's surprisingly good.

It all seems a long way from the UK where the Liberal Democrats' decision to cold-call 250,000 people to urge them to go yellow was castigated.

We'll have a full hand on review of the Obama '08 App or 'Obamapp' (we're copyrighting that asap by the way) later on.