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No more Bang & Olufsen mobiles

Bang goes the Samsung mobile partnership
Bang goes the Samsung mobile partnership

Bang & Olufsen, the company responsible for not only making great sounding products but designing some insane concepts, is pulling out of the mobile phone market.

Best known for its upside down effort with Samsung, the only things you'll be able to find from the B&O brand in the near future will be TVs and sound systems. Boring.

Bye bye DVD

So that's goodbye to not only mobile phones, but DVD players and recorders, and all the other things we never bothered to look at in the catalogue, but now wished we had before it was too late. Sob...

The company is also planning to axe around 300 jobs in a bid to save cash in readiness for the economic troubles, but still plans to continue its expansion into the likes of China and Russia, which are still potential growth markets for the company.

But the good news, according to the Czech site, is the company is not going to stop cooperating with Samsung, though on what projects we still don't know.