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Facebook Messenger Lite for poor internet now available in India

Slow internet speed will no longer haunt your Facebook chats as the company has defined a new way to counter this problem. Facebook has launched the ‘Lite’ version of Messenger in India on Thursday. Named as Messenger Lite, the app aims at people who face slow connection speed and still own a basic Android phone. The app was launched earlier in June for multiple countries but the India launch was awaited. From today onwards, the app will be available on Google Play.

The app provides similar functions as the Messenger app, which lets users to send and receive texts, photos, links, emojis and stickers. The app also comes with voice calling feature and the ability to manage groups.

With the download size falling under 10 MB, the app is fast and quick to install. So, the users do not have to worry about the storage limitations on their smartphones.

Messenger Lite was previously rolled out in countries such as Vietnam, Nigeria, Peru, Turkey, Germany, Japan and the Netherlands before coming to India.