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Warner Music Group drops DRM, joins Amazon

Amazon has added Warner Music Group to its list of content providers.

In a move that could have a significant impact on both Apple's iTunes service and how everyone downloads music, Warner Music Group has announced that it will offer its complete catalogue, DRM-free, through Amazon's MP3 download store.

With the addition of Warner to Amazon's service, the company now offers 2.9 million songs for download from over 33,000 unique record labels. Beyond that, Warner has now become the third of the big four labels to offer DRM-free music, which leaves Sony BMG out in the cold.
Warner's announcement does not mention Apple's iTunes service, which suggests it will offer DRM-free music only on Amazon. By doing this, Warner is doing its part with the other major labels to achieve the goal of ensuring that a single company doesn't dominate the downloading industry, while minimizing the amount of power Apple can wield in the business.

All of Warner's music is now available in the MP3 format on Amazon's DRM-free service for prices ranging from $0.89 to $0.99 (45 pence to 50 pence).