How to watch today's Apple iPhone 14 launch event online

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If you're wondering how to watch today's Apple Event, where the Cupertino company is expected to launch the iPhone 14 line, the Apple Watch 8, and likely numerous other new products, then we have you covered.

The event kicks off today, September 7 at 10AM PT / 1PM ET / 6PM BST (or 3AM AEST on Thursday, September 8), and it will be streamed live from the Steve Jobs Theater, at Apple Park in Cupertino, California.

While we'll be there in person (make sure to check out our Apple Event live blog for moment-by-moment updates), you don't have to miss out, as we'll show you how you can watch the Apple Event from wherever you are.

What time is Apple’s Far Out event - including UK and Australia?

The Apple Far Out event is set to start at 10am PT / 1pm ET / 6pm BST on Wednesday, September 7 – that’s 3am on Thursday, September 8 for those in Australia’s AEST time zone.

It will likely last between one and two hours (and, given we're expecting to see up to eight new devices, it'll surely be very close to the top end of that estimate).

So make sure you've settled down with some good snacks and a range of hydration options... and spare a thought for those having to live blog the whole experience.

How to watch the Apple event and iPhone 14 launch online

These days Apple's events are easy to watch live, and the Apple Far Out event is no exception, with the simplest method being just to head to YouTube, where Apple will be live streaming the show.

Handily, the YouTube live stream page for this is already up, so you can set a reminder on the page or just bookmark it ready to go.

To make things even easier you can watch the event from the embedded YouTube video above, so you don't even need to leave this page.

You’ll also be able to watch the event on Apple’s website, which also has a page up for the event already, or from the Apple TV app – which doesn’t have a page up yet - or on the Apple Developer app, which we’d say is the most niche way to tune in.

And remember, unlike in years gone by, this isn't an event that's locked to just those on an Apple device with the Safari browser - it's open to everyone now, so there's no reason not to watch it.

What to expect from today's Apple event

We’re expecting to see a lot at Apple’s Far Out event, but the iPhone 14 line is sure to be the star of the show. This is thought to include not just the iPhone 14 itself but also an iPhone 14 Pro, an iPhone 14 Pro Max, and – new this year – an iPhone 14 Max or iPhone 14 Plus.

That last model is said to be basically a standard iPhone 14 but with a larger 6.7-inch screen, and is thought to be landing in place of an iPhone 14 mini.

Most of the upgrades will reportedly be limited to the Pro models, with rumors of a new 48MP main camera, a cut-out in the screen rather than a notch, an improved ultra-wide camera, and a more powerful chipset. Either most or all iPhone 14 models might get a larger battery than their predecessors though.

We’re also expecting to see the Apple Watch 8, the Apple Watch SE 2, and an Apple Watch Pro. Leaks suggest the SE 2 might get a new chipset and not much else, while the Apple Watch 8 might additionally get some new features, headlined by a body-temperature sensor.

Apple Watch Series 7 images of watch on test

The Apple Watch 7 won't be the top model for long (Image credit: TechRadar)

The Apple Watch Pro might get the same features as the Apple Watch 8, but paired with a bigger screen and battery, along with a more rugged and premium build, including a titanium case. This is expected to come at a very high price, which coupled with a likely bulky build might make it a slightly niche product.

That’s not all though, as according to some sources, Apple will also be unveiling the AirPods Pro 2, complete with improved active noise cancelation and possibly hi-res audio support, but probably not much change to the design from the original AirPods Pro.

It’s not impossible that other things will be announced as well, such as the HomePod 2 or AirPods 4, but they currently look less far less likely. If anything were to come in the HomePod world, it would likely be a new HomePod mini as that's proved more popular, it seems.

Beyond hardware, we'll probably also see iOS 16 launch in finished form (complete with the always-on display that's going to percolate through the iPhone 14 Pro line-up) - though iPadOS 16 is confirmed to be landing slightly later.

What we probably won’t see at Apple’s Far Out event

iPad Pro

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While lots is expected at Apple’s Far Out event, there are also some high-profile devices that we’re not expecting to see.

Chief among these are new iPads, despite the fact that an iPad Pro (2022) and new iPad (2022) are both likely to land soon.

That’s because leaks currently suggest these will land at a separate event in October – which could make sense, since Wednesday’s launch already sounds potentially overstuffed. So between these two launches it could be a very busy couple of months for Apple.

These iPads might land alongside a new Mac Mini, new Mac Pro and a new MacBook Pro if Mark Gurman – a journalist and leaker with a great track record for Apple information – is to be believed.

We probably won’t see the launch of the long-rumored Apple VR headset at either event – with 2023 currently looking more likely, though you never know, it might at least get teased this year.

Other devices like the next iPad mini and the iPhone SE 4 probably also won’t land before 2023, or potentially even later in the case of the SE 4.

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