Watching Euro 2020 on Roku: how to stream games on your device

Euro 2020 on Roku
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Finally, after a year's worth of delays, the Euro 2020 football tournament is here. Needless to say, soccer fans across the world are in football heaven, and if you're one of them - and own a Roku streaming device - then there's a month of international games to enjoy.

Whether you're lucky enough to have a local free-to-air broadcaster showing matches, or you need to pay for your service, then Roku is generally a reliable midfield dynamo to get a Euro 2020 live stream. That said, despite being one of the more popular streaming devices on the market, it isn't 100% compatible with Euro 2020 broadcasters. So read on to see whether using a Roku for Euro 2020 is an option.

What is a Roku?

In simple terms, a Roku is a streaming device that enables you to watch internet content - such as movies, music, or sport - to your TV. With a Roku, you can easily access popular streaming services such as Netflix, as well as a range of free and premium live television channels. 

Many people use a Roku device because of the versatility and flexibility it offers. Unless you already have one, you will have to pay for a Roku device, which can cost anywhere from $30 into the hundreds, or even thousands, of dollars.

But remember, having the Roku doesn't automatically give you access to the championship. On top of this, you will need to ensure you have access to a channel that is going to show the Euro 2020 tournament, which could add an extra cost depending on where you live. 

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Euro 2020 on Roku in the US and UK

Now, watching Euro 2020 on Roku certainly won’t be the best choice for everyone. However, there are a few different situations where it may be an appealing option. 

Once you have your Roku device connected to your TV, streaming Euro 2020 is as simple as signing up for a streaming service that shows one of the channels broadcasting the tournament.

In the US that's ESPN and ABC (or the likes of Sling TV and FuboTV if you're a cord cutter) and the BBC and ITV in the UK - all of those services have an easy-to-use and install app on Roku.

How to use Roku for Euro 2020

To get started with watching Euro 2020 on Roku, you will need to follow a few simple steps. First, ensure you’re signed up with a streaming service that’s going to show the tournament (as above for UK and US) and have your login details handy. 

Use the search function to find your streaming service, select the Add Channel option, and install the app on your device. Navigate to the app and follow the prompts to sign in with your credentials.

Then, simply search for the matches you would like to watch and pray to those fickle footballing gods that your team picks up the win!

France vs Germany at Euro 2020

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Euro 2020 on Roku around the world

One of Roku's major cons is its lack of compatibility with streaming apps around the world. In our research we've found that none of the Euro 2020 broadcasters in countries like Italy, France, Germany, Australia, Spain, Canada or India have the relevant Roku apps.

Compare that to trying to get Euro 2020 on Fire Stick, and it's a disappointingly small range.

Using a VPN to get Euro 2020 on Roku

If you're dead set on watching the European Championships on your Roku but either there's no useful app available or you're abroad with your Roku and just want to watch your usual domestic coverage, then you could consider another option.

A VPN is a service that allows users to connect to the internet through a remote private server, hiding the user’s true location and encrypting the network connection. VPNs serve a lot of different purposes and are a must-have for online privacy. So effectively, you could fool your Roku into thinking it's in another country altogether - one where there's an app that's showing the games (like Euro 2020 on BBC in the UK, for example).

Our number one VPN of choice right now is ExpressVPN - it just ticks all the boxes. It's fast, gives load of server choices, is a doddle to use and can unblock pretty much any streaming service going... handy for accessing geo-restricted streams.

But even then, things aren't easy. Roku doesn’t natively support VPNs, so you’d need to install the VPN on your router to be able to connect to it via Roku - clearly that's not going to happen if you're in a hotel somewhere! Head to the ExpressVPN website to find out more with its step-by-step guide (it also has excellent 24/7 live chat support) and have comfort that you can cancel your subscription within 30 days for a full refund if required.

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