Sorry, smart speakers - the Echo Show 8 is better and on sale for just $55 at Amazon

Echo Show 8 holiday deal spotlight
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Forget smart speakers. Now's the time for the best smart displays, especially since many of them are more affordable than ever. 

The best smart speakers have had their time in the sun, but speaking as someone who's owned or tested more than 10 of them in my lifetime (and currently have three in her one-bedroom apartment), our smart home needs are starting to surpass what they can offer.   

Smart displays are the next obvious step up. These displays, often with touchscreen functionality, not only give us a convenient way to control our devices and do all the other things smart speakers can do but also deliver other features. Many will let you stream your favorite shows and movies, display your recipes, and jump on video calls with loved ones. Some will even let you see live footage of and interact with your video doorbell and home security cameras, while a handful come with a hub for visual smart home management.

The best part is that smart displays are getting cheaper as our need for them is increasing, and they're rising in popularity. They're also among the most heavily discounted devices during big sale events.

Take the Amazon Echo Show 8, for instance. It's the perfect versatile device for controlling your smart home devices, with a larger screen and more capabilities than the small Echo Show 5. It's just $55 right now, with Amazon's current holiday deal slashing 58% off its retail price.

See the deal below, and grab it before it goes poof.

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Amazon Echo Show 8 (2nd Gen): $54.99now $129.99 at Amazon
A massive 58% discount

Amazon Echo Show 8 (2nd Gen): was $54.99 now $129.99 at Amazon
A massive 58% discount
- I have the upgraded Echo Show 8 (3rd Gen), but honestly, this slightly older version is the next best thing, especially since the Echo Show 8 line tops our best smart displays list. I love its massive display that lets me watch shows, look at recipes, and more without needing to squint, and it's more responsive than the smaller Echo Show 5. This model also lets you jump on video calls, thanks to its camera that can also function as a home security camera, and has bigger speakers for booming audio when you're listening to music. 

This is the most significant discount Amazon is offering on its smart displays. To make this deal even more convenient, note that it's now cheaper than the discounted Echo (4th Gen) smart speaker, so you're getting that 2-in-1 audio-visual experience and paying less. If that isn't a terrific deal, I don't know what is.

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