Get the brand-new Samsung Galaxy Watch FE for $99 with this incredible trade-in deal

Samsung Galaxy Watch FE
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The Samsung Galaxy Watch FE is the manufacturer's brand-new direct competitor to the Apple Watch SE. It has many of the bells and whistles that are present in some of the more expensive smartwatches but at a fraction of the price. And that price is now better than ever as you can trade in any good condition smartwatch at Samsung to get the Galaxy Watch FE for $99 (was $199.99)

The budget-friendly Galaxy Watch FE is based on the Samsung Galaxy Watch 4 and includes a Sapphire Crystal display, swappable bands with a ‘one-click’ system (with the Watch FE boasting new band designs), and some of Samsung’s latest wellness tools.

Today’s best Samsung Galaxy Watch FE deal

Samsung Galaxy Watch FE: $199$99 at Samsung

Samsung Galaxy Watch FE: was $199 now $99 at Samsung
A trade-in offer from Samsung makes it possible to get their latest smartwatch for as little as $99 – that's half the list price. All you need to hand over is any smartwatch in good condition, making it a great way to upgrade your dated tech for a fresh wearable. The Galaxy Watch FE benefits from a lot of the great features that users have come to expect in smartwatches in a much more affordable package, including advanced running metrics, sleep tracking and health updates.

The Galaxy Watch FE is sleek, lightweight, and available in different stylish colors: Black, Pink Gold and Silver with new stitch bands to match. These customizable bands can be swapped out with one simple click and if you're keen on really personalizing your experience, then choose from an abundance of watch faces.

With over 100 workout options, personalized heart rate zones to improve activity tracking, and advanced running analysis, there's something for every athlete, no matter how keen. According to Samsung, the advanced running analysis (also present on the Samsung Galaxy Watch 6) "analyzes the runner's posture for asymmetry and contact/flight time to improve efficiency and prevent injuries."

It's yet to be seen whether the Galaxy Watch FE will make it onto our list of best smartwatches but at $99 with trade-in, it's certainly worth a look if you don't want to break the bank on a capable wearable.

Other smartwatch deals are available and if you're more keen on getting an Apple device, check out our best Apple Watch guide. We'd suggest keeping an eye on the 4th of July sales and Amazon Prime Day for offers on other devices in the weeks ahead.

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