The best refurbished iPhones and prices in the UK

Refurbished iPhones are somewhat of a necessity these days. Apple is a notoriously expensive brand with some exceptionally high prices, so why not go refurb and save a load of cash.

Now before you quickly form a mob, whipping out your pitchforks and denouncing refurbished iPhones as broken, dirty and ultimately flawed - let us dispel some of those stigmas by saying refurbished iPhones can be one of the best ways to get a new Apple device.

When you decide to put on your budget cap and save a few hundred pounds on you mobile phone deal with a refurbished iPhone, what you are most likely getting is a phone that has simply been bought and sent back within its return period.

And with most retailers now offering up warranties, grade A certifications and even Apple's own certification, getting a refurbished phone contract is backed by a host of safety nets and precautions. Not to mention the fact that with the iPhone 11 now out, prices on older device in refurbished states will drop even further.

Down below we've listed all of the best deals on refurbished iPhones - both SIM-free and on contract. Below that you will find a few frequently asked questions and our answers to them so you can fully rest assured in what your buying.

And, considering Apple's lofty prices devices, it is worth checking out what prices you can get on refurbished iPads, Macbooks and Apple watches

Refurbished iPhones: today's best prices

Refurbished iPhones: the best SIM-free prices

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What is a refurbished iPhone?

More often than not, a refurbished phone is a device that has been bought and then returned to the retailer or network. They can no longer sell it as a new phone, so have to call it refurbished. So many refurbished iPhones out there will never have even been out of the box.

In some cases they may have been returned due to damage, but the phone will be repaired by an expert technician before being sold. This not only saves you money but can also be a more environmentally responsible decision as it can help re-use components that may otherwise have gone to waste.

How much can I save with a refurbished iPhone?

When you buy a refurbished iPhone you can expect to usually save a few hundred pounds. That's the same case across the older devices like the iPhone 8 and iPhone 7, as well as Apple's newest flagships - the iPhone XR, XS and XS Max.

Going for a refurbished iPhone can be a great solution for both SIM-free and contract, especially considering Apple is notoriously expensive through both buying methods.

Can I get refurbished iPhones over Black Friday?

Yes you can. In fact, Black Friday iPhone deals tend to bring the prices of refurbished iPhones way down, making a host of Apple devices way more affordable than usual.

The other benefit Black Friday has on refurbished iPhones is that many people buy iPhones just to secure the low pricing at the time. They then end up returning them straight after Black Friday meaning refurbished iPhone stock shoots up post-Black Friday.

Are refurbished iPhones good?

In the majority of cases, buying a refurbished iPhone will land you a phone that is practically new. When we say 'practically' we mean it has likely been bought and returned within its warranty period.

Because the phone has already been bought, it can no longer be labelled as a new device, therefore garnering its refurbished title. Even in the cases where the phone was faulty, it has since been repaired and brought back to a fully working state.

A lot of retailers will even offer a 1-year warranty with the device, allowing you to get it sorted if someone was to go wrong.

What are certified refurbished iPhones from Apple?

If you buy from the top end, then you can sometimes purchase with Apple's backing by using a certified seller. Amazon, for example, has Certified Refurbished devices from Apple that have been refurbished to work and look like new and they come with a one-year warranty for your peace of mind.

Going through Amazon or other similar retailers is usually cheaper than getting an iPhone straight from Apple.

Do refurbished iPhones come with warranty?

This question completely depends on where you buy from. If you're buying a refurbished iPhone from Apple, it will come automatically with a full 1-year warranty. Other retailers will also offer warranty, offers 12-month warranties across all of its refurbished iPhones.

When buying something refurbished, check whether or not you will be getting a warranty.

Where can I buy a refurbished iPhone? 

There are lots of places to get yourself a refurbished iPhone. As mentioned, Amazon has some great Certified Refurbished Apple iPhones. O2 and Carphone Warehouse both offer refurbished deals with 12-month warranties as well as

MusicMagpie and Envirophone specialise in refurb re-sales so they're another great, safe options. eBay also sells refurbished phones but be careful to make sure you get a warranty here as there are lots of different, unauthorised sellers.

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