LG C2 OLED TV plummets to its cheapest price yet - save up to £650 for a limited time

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If you've had an eye on the latest LG C2 OLED but are waiting for a price drop then these latest TV deals at Currys could be exactly what you've waited for. You can now use a range of discount codes at the final stage of the checkout to take up to £250 off the price of a range of TVs, which drops some sizes of the premium OLED from LG to the lowest price yet.

That means you can now pick up the 55-inch LG C2 OLED is now at Currys for £1,399 (was £1,899) when using the code 'VISION100OFF'. That's a whopping £500 saving on a TV that sports a fantastic high-quality 4K display with rich colours, vivid lighting and 120Hz support for the most responsive gaming experience on PS5 and Xbox Series X.

A discount can actually be applied to all sizes of the TV but it changes depending on the size of the display. So, if you'd prefer something smaller (or bigger) then you can also get the 42-inch model for £977, the 48-inch model for £1,049, or the 65-inch model for £2,049. Just check the discount code that's listed on each one's product page. Again, these are some of the cheapest prices yet for all sizes.

Today's best LG C2 OLED deals

LG C2 55-inch OLED TV: £1,899 £1,399 at Currys
Save £550LG C2 42-inch: £1,077£977LG C2 48-inch:£1,399£1,049LG C2 65-inch:£2,699£2,049

LG C2 55-inch OLED TV: £1,899 £1,399 at Currys
Save £550
– These are some of the lowest prices we've seen for the latest LG C2 OLED. Based on our testing, it's one of the best TVs you can buy today thanks to the high-tech screen that produces superior images with rich colours and vivid lighting. It offers a smooth gaming experience on current-gen consoles, too, thanks to HDMI 2.1 and 120Hz support. This isn't the only size available, as smaller (and larger) versions of the C2 OLED are also available at their cheapest ever prices.
LG C2 42-inch: £1,077 £977
LG C2 48-inch: £1,399 £1,049
LG C2 65-inch: £2,699 £2,049

Our five-star LG C2 OLED review called it, "a fantastic TV that brilliantly showcases the screen technology’s best attributes". A lot to live up to based on the impressive LG C1, but it's done enough to reclaim the top spot in our best TV guide. Think carefully about whether the smallest 42-inch version is right for you, though. Even though it's an impressive compact display, we found ourselves desperate to go back to the 48-inch version after testing it.

And if the C2 OLED is still a bit too pricey, you can actually save up to £250 off a number of eligible TVs at Currys, including cheap 4K displays and mid-range QLED sets from Samsung, Sony, TCL and more. Just check the discount code that's listed on each one's product page. Altogether, you can find some of the best TV deals available right now in this promotion.

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