iPhone 12 or Samsung Galaxy S20: Which device has the better deals?

Samsung Galaxy S20 deals
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Yes, the iPhone 12 series might be the name everyone is talking about as Apple's latest and greatest...but let's not forget what's likely it's biggest competition - the Samsung Galaxy S20.

Samsung's current (but not for long) series includes four handsets, just like Apple - the Samsung Galaxy S20 FE, S20, S20 Plus and the all-out S20 Ultra. And also like Apple, we feel that most people's interest will lie in the middle ground - the S20.

With both iPhone 12 deals and Samsung Galaxy S20 deals, you're getting the latest Android or Apple specs without having to delve too deep into your wallet like you would have to with each brand's pricier devices.

Both phones make our best smartphones list but which one has the better deals and offers the best value in order to provide the best option for you?

iPhone 12 versus Samsung Galaxy S20: spec sheet

Considering the iPhone 12 was released almost a whole year after Samsung's S20, it is no surprise that it is the more powerful of the two options in a number of key categories.

With Apple's A14 Bionic chip, there isn't really any contest. Apple's entire iPhone 12 range has the fastest chip in any phone on the market right now. However, Samsung's Snapdragon 865 is no joke and for the large majority of tasks you won't notice a difference between the two.

As for display, Samsung sneaks past in size and, thanks to its 120Hz refresh rate, also offers a brighter panel and a sharper resolution - but this is no surprise considering Samsung's reputation when it comes to screens.

Battery and charging goes to Samsung thanks to its larger battery capacity and longer life with 5G enabled but arguably you won't notice much difference. Apple does have its MagSafe technology which allows a wireless charger to snap into place - a nice touch.

And the most important comparison - cameras. Both offer some of the best camera experiences on the market and while Samsung has much more advanced zoom functionality, Apple seems to have the stronger software for photos overall.

Both phones offer 5G capability but with Samsung you can opt for a 4G version to save some extra cash if it's not important to you.

Samsung Galaxy S20 deals vs iPhone 12 deals

Getting the iPhone 12 SIM-free will cost you £799, however the 4G Samsung Galaxy S20 will also come in at £799 . You're looking at a price increase for the 5G version with Samsung - at a cost of £899.

However, while it is cheaper to get the iPhone 12 SIM-free, Samsung's device offers much cheaper contracts. This is mainly due to the S20's older age with contracts having time to fall in price.

There are now a number of Samsung Galaxy S20 deals that will cost you only slightly more or in some cases, less than the SIM-free cost of the handset.

The iPhone 12 on the other hand has yet to see any real discounts on contracts since it launched. You'll still be paying almost full price but there are a few discounts sneaking in as the phone gets a bit older.

In other words, the iPhone 12's best value is in SIM-free whereas the S20's best value lies in contracts. While both handsets have pretty perfectly matched specs, the S20's age makes it the more affordable handset.

You can find the best deals for both handsets below.

The best iPhone 12 contracts:

The best Samsung Galaxy S20 contracts:

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