iPhone 12 mini or iPhone 12: Which device has the better deals?

iPhone 12 deals
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The iPhone 12 is everywhere as it's that good a phone, it's worth shouting about. But it's oft overlooked smaller sibling, the iPhone 12 Mini, is also worth looking at as an option if you're looking to upgrade. 

Of the best iPhone 12 deals you may find one that works for your budget. But once you start looking at the iPhone 12 Mini deals, it might seem more appealing – after all the two phone are very similar in all but size.

The iPhone 12 stands taller with its 6.1-inch display compared to the more compact 5.4-inch screen on the iPhone 12 Mini. That's still plenty of screen when you consider the lack of bezel on the new iPhone design.

The point is, you could save money by going for the iPhone 12 Mini over the iPhone 12. So is that something you should consider? Check out the specs comparison below to find out.

iPhone 12 Mini versus iPhone 12: spec sheet

The iPhone 12 is larger than the iPhone 12 Mini, and comes in at a heavier 162g versus the Mini's 133g. That said, the smaller screen of the Mini actually has more pixels at 476ppi compared with the 458ppi display of the iPhone 12. Both are the same brightness though at 625 nits.

The innards are largely the same with that powerful new A14 Bionic chip running the show. The cameras are identical, both sporting dual 12MP lenses with f/1.6 aperture range but no LiDAR on either of these models.

Battery life is different, slightly. The smaller iPhone 12 Mini battery means it can manage 15 hours of video playback, while the iPhone 12 does 17 hours.

Both phones have 64GB, 128GB and 256GB storage options, run iOS 14, offer Face ID and are IP68 water resistant. 

The next major difference, is price. More on that below.

iPhone 12 Mini deals vs iPhone 12 deals

The iPhone 12, offline will cost you £799 while the iPhone 12 Mini is priced at £699. These are the SIM-free prices but if you can commit to a 24 month contract the below options might work out better.

On contract that difference is interesting. You can grab an iPhone 12 with no upfront costs and pay around £51 per month with networks like Vodafone or O2, or on Three, 100GB at £45 per month. 

But go for the iPhone 12 Mini and you're looking at £29.99 upfront on ID Mobile with a monthly charge of £39.99 getting you 20GB of data on the 24 month contract. Or go with Three for 24 months, at £19 upfront and £42 per month and you get 100GB of data.

The best iPhone 12 contracts:

The best iPhone 12 Mini contracts:

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