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The best iPhone 13 deals: free at Verizon, AT&T, plus big savings at Apple

You'll find all of this week's best iPhone 13 deals all neatly laid out just below, including our top recommendations for saving that hard-earned cash. Put simply, we've got some awesome choices to check out this week - including free devices.

In fact, both AT&T and Verizon continue to offer up awesome trade-in options for both new and existing customers - quite possibly the best we've seen yet from both carriers. You may, however, want to put your order in sooner rather than later - a number of this week's best iPhone 13 deals are on backorder, mostly until late October. That means it could be wise to get that order in before Black Friday!

iPhone 13 deals: quick links

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iPhone 13:
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The iPhone 13 comes in at an introductory price of $799 - exactly the same as last year's iPhone 12 and looks to directly replace it as the new 'standard' flagship device from Apple. On the surface, it's strikingly similar to last year's iteration with the same fetching 'squared-off' edges and somewhat blocky aesthetic. That said, there's a number of high-end internal improvements that look to justify that fairly high introductory asking price.

First up is the inclusion of the latest Apple A15 Bionic chip; a hefty processor that's easily the most powerful yet from the Cupertino giant. Screen, battery, and a number of camera improvements also mean you're not simply getting a carbon copy of the iPhone 12 here - it's quite simply a refinement of an already outstanding device with plenty more power under the hood.

That said, the lower $599 asking price of the iPhone 12 is going to offer a very, very compelling alternative for those who want to forgo a few bells and whistles to save some cash. If you already have an iPhone 12 or 11, it's definitely worth the upgrade, however - especially since this week's iPhone 13 deals are especially good if you're willing to trade in one of these slightly older devices. Just below you can see our top picks for the initial launch of this device, alongside a much more detailed breakdown of this device's specs and a handy mini-review.

iPhone 13 deals


Apple iPhone 13: save up to $800 with trade-in, plus $500 with a switch at Verizon
Verizon's iPhone 13 deals have proven so popular that they're currently on backorder until October 22nd. You can, however, still bag yourself a free device with a trade-in right now if you pick up a device on a new unlimited data plan line (upgraders can get $440 off). Switch over from another carrier and you'll also get an additional $500 online gift card. Note, the iPhone 13 Pro and 13 Pro Max are also available with trade-in rebates of up to $1,000 today under the same terms.
Total cost: $0 (w/ trade)  | Monthly cost: $0 (24 mo)


Apple iPhone 13: save up to $800 with trade-in and new unlimited plan at AT&T
Again, there's a slight delay for delivery on AT&T's iPhone 13 deals this week (estimated 18th to 22nd Oct) but it's well worth the wait. Trade in an old phone and pick up an iPhone 13 on a new unlimited data plan and you'll get up to $800 off - enough to entirely cover the cost of the device. Even better still, this one's open to both new and existing customers who are eligible for an upgrade. Note, the iPhone 13 Pro and 13 Pro Max are also available with trade-in rebates of up to $1,000 today under the same terms.
Total cost: $0 (w/ trade) | Monthly cost: $0 (30 mo)


Apple iPhone 13 (unlocked): $829 $29 with eligible trade-in at Apple
Delivery dates on unlocked iPhone 13 deals now estimate from October 26th to 29th at the official Apple store this week. Is it worth jumping on board before Black Friday? It could be. The Apple store's maximum trade-in rebate of up to $790 is the biggest we've seen yet from the retailer, so it's a good option even though there's no outright saving up for grabs. To get the biggest saving, you'll have to trade-in a 12 Pro, but you'll still get up to $530 off with an iPhone 12 in good condition.
Total cost: $29 (maximum saving)


Apple iPhone 13: $200 gift card, plus free HomePod Mini with switch at Visible
Thankfully there are no wait times with Visibles iPhone 13 deals this week and it remains a great choice if you don't happen to have a trade-in handy (and love cheap plans). Switch over to this awesome prepaid carrier and buy an iPhone 13 and you'll score a free $200 gift card and a HomePod Mini smart speaker as a welcome gift. Why switch? This carrier has excellent cheap unlimited 5G data plans for as little as $25 per month. Not only could you save money in the long run, but there are no lengthy contracts to sign either!
Total cost: $799


Apple iPhone 13: save $300 with a switch at Xfinity Mobile
Xfinity Mobile isn't one of the bigger carriers - in fact, it's pretty small-time when compared to Verizon, AT&T, or T-Mobile. That said, its introductory iPhone 13 deals aren't small-time at all. Up for grabs right now is a straight-up $300 discount if you port your number in from another carrier. With fairly cheap plan prices, this could be a good option for saving in the long run if you're willing to go prepaid.
Total cost: $529 | Monthly cost: $22.08 (30 mo)


Apple iPhone 13 (AT&T): $100 off bonus, plus up to $700 off with a trade-in at Walmart
Walmart's offering a tidy little $100 saving for all devices bought via its online store this week - a deal that applies regardless of whether you trade or not. Trade-in values are actually available, but we'd probably recommend this one as an option if you're not eligible for that particular route. Note, Verizon carrier devices are also available via Walmart, but it seems the terms and conditions for the above deal only apply to AT&T devices currently.
Total cost: $0 (AT&T)


Apple iPhone 13 (T-Mobile): $799.99 $699.99 with activation at Best Buy
Like with Walmart's AT&T devices, you can get a similar $100 pre-order bonus with Best Buy's T-Mobile carrier iPhone 13 deals this week. This one's technically an activation rebate, so you won't get your discount upfront - only after you've activated your device on the network, so bear that in mind. Again, this one's a nice little bonus to check out if you're not going to trade-in via the major carriers.
$699 (Sprint / T-Mobile)

iPhone 13 deals: what you need to know

iPhone 13: specs

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OS: iOS 15 | Screen size: 6.1-inch Retina XDR (60Hz)| Resolution: 2532 x 1170 | CPU: Apple A15 | Memory: N/A | Weight: 174g |Storage: 128 / 256 / 512GB | Battery: N/A | Rear camera: 12MP wide, 12MP ultrawide| Front camera: 12MP 

So, it's here - the new iPhone 13. At first glance, it looks rather like the iPhone 12 doesn't it? Indeed, all the latest 2021 flagships from Apple rock that same 'squared' off aesthetic as the 12-series devices from 2020. That's not all either, the latest iPhone 13 is also retailing at an introductory price of $799 - exactly the same as last year's model.

That's where the similarities end, though. Key new features include an upgraded OLED display with up to 28% improved peak brightness, plus A15 Bionic processor - a chip that Apple claims has up to 50% faster performance than any competitor. Take that Samsung. 

You'll also find a brand new diagonal rear camera system with an upgraded sensor and image stabilization on the iPhone 13. Supporting these improvements is a new 'Cinematic mode' for video capture - a very nifty little piece of software that uses computation for automatic and easy focus shifting. 

A slightly less glamorous, but always welcome upgrade is in the iPhone 13's battery life. Not only does it have a bigger capacity now, but improvements via the new 'smart data' mode enable more efficient usage overall. 

Overall, the iPhone 13 does have some very beefy upgrades under the hood. That said, the new $599 retail price for the iPhone 12 also makes it a very attractive (and still 5G compatible) alternative to this latest flagship if you're on a budget.

iPhone 13 deals: frequently asked questions

Apple iPhone 13 deals FAQ banner

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How good are these iPhone 13 deals really?

In short, they're great - quite possibly the best iPhone deals we've seen at launch for a few years in fact. The multiple upgrade options at all the major carriers this year are particularly competitive and definitely better than those we saw on the iPhone 12 last year. 

While it's not rare to see free iPhones being handed out to new customers at AT&T, Verizon, T-Mobile, and other carriers, it's fairly rare for upgrade rebates to cover the entire cost of the device. That said, there's no way around the expensive unlimited data plans here - even if you get a free device you'll still be paying anywhere from $60 to $80 per month on average for a single line user. Lasting anywhere between 24 to 36 months, these plans are a significant (often over $2,000 in total) investment, so be prepared for these costs if you're going with a bigger carrier.

If you're looking to save on those big unlimited plan costs, then we'd absolutely recommend getting an unlocked iPhone from Apple itself and pairing it with one of the best prepaid plans. Smaller carriers like Visible and Xfinity Mobile also sell devices directly from their sites and offer very competitive monthly plans. 

Should I upgrade to the iPhone 13?

This year might just be the trickiest one so far in regards to determining whether it's worth the upgrade. The iPhone 13 isn't a big step up from the 12, but this year's upgrade deals are good enough to make even the most jaded of Apple fans sit up and take notice. 

If you already have an iPhone 12 and think you can make do for another year without upgrading, then sitting this one out is definitely a viable option. The basic design is the same, your device is still plenty powerful for 2021, and you'll only forgo a better battery life and screen. That said, if your iPhone 12 is eligible for a lucrative carrier trade-in then it's definitely worth investigating a 'free' upgrade - especially if you're deadset on sticking with a big carrier and don't mind renewing your line. 

Where things get less nuanced, in our opinion, is for Apple fans still using older hardware such as the iPhone 11 or older. For these users, even those with unlocked devices, this year's iPhone 13 deals offer really great trade-in rates on even devices showing their age now. They are far, far better than last year's offerings so it's definitely a great time to consider making the jump to a 5G flagship. 

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