Cyber Monday phone deals 2023: Best deals still available on iPhone, Galaxy and more

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Hopefully you nabbed some noteworthy deals this Black Friday and Cyber Monday, but if a new phone wasn't among your purchases, don't worry, there are still plenty of great offers on smartphones and smartphone plans to consider in the run-up to the holiday season.

While the some of the offers below don't necessarily match the lows of the Black Friday deals and Cyber Monday deals they follow on from, some discounts are unaffected and in some cases, the value had continued to increase as prices continue to fall, so you still have a chance to buy the new phone of your dreams with a sizeable fraction of its standard asking price gone.

You'll find offers on the latest iPhones, Samsung Galaxy phones, Google Pixel phones and beyond, not to mention the latest foldables plus more affordable entries too. Some deals center around money off, while others boast enhanced trade-in value or – in the case of mobile plans – discounted line rental of no upfront cost.

Cyber Monday phone deals – quick links

Best early holiday season phone deals

Early holiday season device-only deals

Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra: $1,199.99$899.99 at Amazon

Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra: was $1,199.99 now $899.99 at Amazon
Although this deal disappeared for a little bit, now that we're past Cyber Monday, you can score yourself a fully unlocked Galaxy S23 Ultra with 256GB of storage for just $899.99. With a gorgeous display, powerful chipset, and outstanding cameras, the Galaxy S23 Ultra is a fantastic choice; in fact, we rate it as one of the best phones money can buy right now. If you need more storage, the 512GB model is on sale, too.

Google Pixel 8 Pro:$999$799 at Amazon

Google Pixel 8 Pro: was $999 now $799 at Amazon
Google's best Pixel is still getting a great discount; it dropped by $210 to its lowest price ever for Black Friday and though it's since risen back up by $10 that's still a big saving. This is a fantastic Pixel phone, with great cameras and cool new AI features that you'll only find on Pixel. The best part is that Google promised to support this phone for seven years, longer than any other phone, so this great deal will pay off long term.   

Google Pixel 8:$699$549 at Amazon

Google Pixel 8: was $699 now $549 at Amazon
The Pixel 8 got its first big price drop on Black Friday/Cyber Monday and so far, it's stuck; making this a great deal if you're looking for a solid Android phone that's also a great long-term investment. The humble Pixel 8 has the same processor as the Pixel 8 Pro, and Google has promised to support this phone for seven years. For this price, that's less than $80 a year. We may see cheaper Pixel phones to come, but if you need a great new Android now, this is a very big price cut for such a new phone.

Google Pixel 7 Pro:$899$409.99 at Best Buy

Google Pixel 7 Pro: was $899 now $409.99 at Best Buy
Best Buy waited until after Cyber Monday but now this great Pixel phone is down to its lowest price ever (provided you're happy to buy refurbished). In our experience, Best Buy does good job of getting pre-used phones into a strong state of repair, so we think this is a deal you can pick up without too many worries. Check out our Google Pixel 7 Pro review for a full run-down of why we awarded this phone four and a half stars out of five. If you'd rather pick up a box-fresh model, Amazon has the Pixel 7 Pro down to just $649..

Motorola Razr Plus (2023):$999.99$699.99 at Amazon

Motorola Razr Plus (2023): was $999.99 now $699.99 at Amazon
This huge price drop on the Motorola Razr Plus (which is known as the Razr 40 Ultra outside the US) brings its price down to the lowest we've ever seen. This was already one of the more affordable clamshell foldable phones, and Motorola had offers around launch time, but this price makes it a steal, and if you've ever considered a folding phone, we'd absolutely recommend this one. We called the Motorola Razr Plus "the foldable phone you've been waiting for" in our review.

Motorola Razr (2023):$699.99$499.99 at Amazon

Motorola Razr (2023): was $699.99 now $499.99 at Amazon
Maybe even more amazing than the low price on the Razr Plus, you can now get the Motorola Razr (2023) for just under $500 in the US. This is one of the best deals we've ever seen on a foldable phone. The bigger cover display makes the Plus a worthwhile upgrade, but the Razr is stylish and compact, and one of the coolest phones you can buy in 2023.

iPhone 15: up to $650 off with a trade-in at Apple

iPhone 15: up to $650 off with a trade-in at Apple
You won't find the best trade-in rebates with Apple's own iPhone 15 deals, but you will find options for unlocked devices specifically. Right now, you can get up to $650 off with a trade-in at the official store, which is still pretty good and enough to cut that hefty price tag for a new model right down to size. To get the full amount ($650), you'll have to trade in an iPhone 14 Pro Max or equivalent device, although those handing over an iPhone 14 can still get a decent $430 off a new device.

iPhone 12:$499$299 at Walmart

iPhone 12: was $499 now $299 at Walmart
The iPhone 12 is no longer the flashiest iPhone on the block, but at just $299, it's never been better value. For that price, you'll get a capable A14 Bionic chipset, a colorful OLED display, a decent 12MP main camera and 5G connectivity (with a compatible SIM). You won't find the iPhone 12 cheaper anywhere else, however with this deal, you'll be tied to a Straight Talk SIM. If you'd rather pick up a fully unlocked iPhone 12, Best Buy currently has the phone in its clearance aisle for $566.99 (although, at that price, you're probably better off picking up the iPhone 13 at Apple for just $30 more).

iPhone 13 (refurbished):$544.49$534.94 at Walmart

iPhone 13 (refurbished): was $544.49 now $534.94 at Walmart
The iPhone 13 is no longer on sale as new at the likes of Walmart or Best Buy (at least not for a better price than Apple is offering right now), but the former retailer does have a series of "professionally refurbished" models available at a hefty discount. Per Walmart's own description, its refurbished products are in very good condition, and only show minimal signs of wear (such as light scratches), so we think this iPhone 13 deal is absolutely worth considering, even if it doesn't match the Cyber Monday low of $469.96. In any case, you'll get a 90-day warranty, so if you're not happy with the quality of product you receive, simply send it back.

iPhone 13:$699$599 at Apple

iPhone 13: was $699 now $599 at Apple
If you'd rather pick up a box-fresh iPhone 13 for slightly more money, then Apple itself has cut the upfront cost of its 2021 flagship phone by a further $100. The iPhone 13 was already reduced by $100 following the release of the iPhone 14 last year, but now that the iPhone 15 is out, it's even better value than before. Apple also operates its own trade-in program that can be used to knock a few further bucks off the upfront cost of a new device (useful if you've got an existing iPhone model to dispose of).

iPhone 13 Pro (refurbished):$689.95$599.95 at Walmart

iPhone 13 Pro (refurbished): was $689.95 now $599.95 at Walmart
As with the standard iPhone 13, Walmart is also offering a good deal on refurbished iPhone 13 Pro models, even after Cyber Monday. Given that Apple's 2021 flagship was discontinued in 2023, box-fresh versions of the iPhone 13 Pro are extremely hard to come by these days, so under $600 for an unlocked model in "very good condition" is absolutely a deal worth considering.

iPhone SE (2022): $379.99$149 at Walmart

iPhone SE (2022): was $379.99 now $149 at Walmart
If you're simply looking for a capable iPhone to tide you over for the next few years, then Walmart's excellent iPhone SE (2022) deal could be for you. With the iPhone 13 mini now dead and buried, the iPhone SE (2022) is essentially the best small phone that's still available from Apple. Its design may be outdated, but the internal specs remain strong. You can pick up the phone for just $149 right now through Walmart's Straight Talk partnership. Alternatively, Straight Talk itself has cut the upfront cost of the iPhone SE (2022) down to just $99, if you opt for the brand's $45/mo Silver Unlimited Plan.

iPhone 14 Pro: $999now $899 at Walmart

iPhone 14 Pro: was $999 now $899 at Walmart
If you'd rather pay for the device in full, Walmart has both the silver and gold variants of the iPhone 14 Pro at just $899 right now, although you'll need to open up a plan with the retailer's exclusive carrier partner, Straight Talk, to benefit from the saving. Still, $899 is a better deal than you'll find anywhere else for the iPhone 14 Pro at present.

Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 4: $1,919$1,379 at Amazon

Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 4: was $1,919 now $1,379 at Amazon
Stocks may be dwindling quickly these days, but Amazon still has the Galaxy Z Fold 4 available to buy at 28% less than usual for Cyber Monday. With improved durability and great specs, you can be fairly confident that you're getting a great foldable phone here.

Early holiday season plan deals

iPhone 15 Pro: up to $1,000 off with a trade-in, plus free iPad and Apple Watch at Verizon

iPhone 15 Pro: up to $1,000 off with a trade-in, plus free iPad and Apple Watch at Verizon
Here we go folks – this is our favorite trade-in rebate available right now on Verizon. While the maximum saving of $1,000 off is nothing new on the excellent iPhone 15 Pro, Verizon is currently letting you hand over any iPhone model to achieve that maximum rebate. That means you can potentially hand over an old beater and get a shiny new iPhone 15 Pro in return – plus, the free Apple Watch and iPad that we've already outlined above. Note, though, that this promo is only eligible with a new line on an unlimited data plan (upgraders can get up to $830 off).

Select Android devices: get a free Galaxy Tablet and Galaxy Watch 6 with an unlimited plan
Google Pixel 8 ProGalaxy S23 seriesGoogle Fold

Select Android devices: get a free Galaxy Tablet and Galaxy Watch 6 with an unlimited plan
More into your Android devices? Good news - Verizon is also giving away some serious freebies with select flagships from Google and Samsung. As with on the latest iPhones, you'll be able to bundle in a free Galaxy Watch 6 and a Galaxy Tab S9 FE on the house when you pick up a phone alongside a new line on an unlimited data plan. This stacks on top of the current trade-in rebates of up to $1,000 on the Google Pixel 8 Pro, the Galaxy S23 series, and the Google Fold.  

Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra: up to $1,000 off with a trade-in, plus free tablet and smartwatchGalaxy S23Galaxy S23 Plus

Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra: up to $1,000 off with a trade-in, plus free tablet and smartwatch
Another one of our favorite trade-in options in the ongoing Verizon Cyber Monday sale this week, you can currently hand over any Samsung model to get a whopping $1,000 off the stunning Galaxy S23 Ultra. This is one of our favorite phones here at TechRadar - and winner of the TechRadar reader's choice awards for 2023, so getting such a big price cut is definitely worth considering. You can also bundle in that free Galaxy Watch 6 and a Galaxy Tab S9 FE - two freebies that are worth well over $800 by themselves. See this deal on the Galaxy S23 and Galaxy S23 Plus.

Google Pixel 8 Pro: up to $1,000 off with a trade-in, plus free tablet and smartwatch

Google Pixel 8 Pro: up to $1,000 off with a trade-in, plus free tablet and smartwatch
Another recommended trade-in for this week's ongoing Cyber Monday Verizon deals: the excellent Google Pixel 8 Pro. This flagship is fresh off the presses but you can still get it for free right now by trading in any Google device. Plus, as with other flagships, you can bundle in that free Galaxy Watch and Galaxy Tab S9 FE to get some serious freebie action. As with other devices, however, you will need a new line on an unlimited data plan to be eligible for the best possible trade-in here.

iPhone 15: $23.05/mo$23.05/mo at Best Buy

iPhone 15: was $23.05/mo now $23.05/mo at Best Buy
iPhone 15 discounts were few and far between this Cyber Monday, but Best Buy is at least still offering you the chance to save $41 over the course of a 36-month plan with AT&T or Verizon (that's $1.15/mo – slightly bigger savings are available on larger storage models). Sure, that's not a huge discount, but the real sweetener here is Best Buy's included extras: you'll get a free $30 Best Buy gift card with your purchase, plus the usual three months of Apple TV Plus, Apple Music and Apple Arcade. Similar deals are available on all storage variants of the iPhone 15.

iPhone 15 Pro: $27.77/mo$26.38/mo at Best Buy

iPhone 15 Pro: was $27.77/mo now $26.38/mo at Best Buy
Best Buy is also offering similar post-Cyber Monday deals on the iPhone 15 Pro and iPhone 15 Pro Max. For instance, across 36 months, you can currently save $50 on the 128GB variant of the iPhone 15 Pro, or up to $75 dollars on various storage configurations of the iPhone 15 Pro Max. Again, you'll get a free $30 Best Buy gift card (plus all the Apple extras) included with your purchase.

iPhone 14 Plus: get four devices with an unlimited data plan for $120/mo at Verizon
Good for families:

iPhone 14 Plus: get four devices with an unlimited data plan for $120/mo at Verizon
Good for families:
Verizon's latest promotion offers four iPhone 14 Plus handsets for just $40 each – and that's with a line on an unlimited data plan. Yes, the bundled plan is the carrier's more basic 'Unlimited Welcome' tier, but this is still an amazing offer. Previously, an iPhone 14 Plus bundled with a single line would have cost close to $100 by itself, so you get some incredible savings here.

iPhone 14 Pro: $25/monow $15/mo at AT&T

iPhone 14 Pro: was $25/mo now $15/mo at AT&T
The iPhone 14 Pro is still a mightily expensive buy, but AT&T has at least cut the phone's monthly cost by a whole $10 per month if you opt for one of the carrier's unlimited plans (which, incidentally, have also been discounted by $10). The cheapest is the Unlimited Starter Plan, which – when combined with that new monthly device price – will now set you back $80/mo, rather than $100/mo. That doesn't sound like a lot, but over 36 months, you'll save $720. Verizon is also offering iPhone 14 Pro discounts right now, but even with the phone itself now free, the carrier's cheapest qualifying tariff is a slightly-more-expensive $85/mo.

iPhone 15: get a free iPad and Apple Watch with an unlimited plan at Verizon

iPhone 15: get a free iPad and Apple Watch with an unlimited plan at Verizon
Verizon's headline Cyber Monday iPhone 15 deal is still around and it's offering a free 10th-gen iPad 10.9 and a free 2nd-gen Apple Watch SE. These freebies alone are worth $780, so this is a significant addition to the host of already-awesome trade-in rebates on the iPhone 15 series. The caveat here, however, is that you'll still need to sign up for an unlimited data plan to be eligible for the saving. 

Google Pixel 7a: $5/mo with an unlimited data plan at AT&T

Google Pixel 7a: $5/mo with an unlimited data plan at AT&T
Probably the best carrier Google Pixel 7a deal available right now, you can get the device for just $5 per month at AT&T with an eligible plan. No trade-ins are needed here which makes this deal fairly approachable. We have, however, seen the device for as little as $2 per month under the same terms so you may want to wait it out if you're looking for the lowest possible price. 

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