Get BT's Full Fibre 300 broadband for just £34.99 p/m and receive a £50 reward card

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If you're looking to switch or upgrade to a new broadband deal that offers ultrafast Full Fibre speeds, then we have a great offer for you.

With BT you can currently get is 'Full Fibre 300' tariff for a discounted price of £34.99 a month, without any upfront fees to pay. As you can guess from the name, it includes a Full Fibre connection on the dependable Openreach network BT uses and it provides average download speeds of 300Mbps. 

In addition to this, you also get unlimited data, a 'Stay Fast Guarantee' of 150Mbps and 49Mbps upload speeds. But, best of all, if you sign up with our link for a 24-month contract, you'll receive a £50 BT Reward Card. This gift card can be redeemed once your broadband is up and running and will be accepted anywhere that takes Mastercard. 

As well as the cut-price offer, we think this is an excellent choice for any household or business looking for a solid Full Fibre package. BT itself says the tariff is 'ultrafast and super reliable' and that you can 'stream and download as much as you like'. 

What you do need to consider here is that you'll need to be able to access the Full Fibre Openreach network at your property to get this deal, but you can check this when you look to sign up. BT also highlights that 'on 31 March each year the monthly price shown for broadband plans will increase by £3'. Lastly, this particular offer runs until June 27th, so you need to act fast if you want to make the most of it.


BT 'Full Fibre 300' broadband | 300Mbps av. download speeds | £34.99 p/m | 24-month contract | Unlimited data | No upfront costs | £50 BT Reward Card

BT 'Full Fibre 300' broadband | 300Mbps av. download speeds | £34.99 p/m | 24-month contract | Unlimited data | No upfront costs | £50 BT Reward Card
This broadband deal from BT includes its 'Full Fibre 300' tariff at a reduced price of £34.99 a month, on a 24-month contract with no upfront fees. You'll get average download speeds of 300Mbps, upload speeds of 49Mbps, unlimited data and a 'Stay Fast Guarantee' of 150Mbps. If you sign up using our link you'll also get a bonus £50 BT Reward Card. Whether or not you can get this offer depends on your property's access to the Openreach Full Fibre network that BT uses. The offer is also only valid until June 27th, so be quick if you want to sign up for it.

More great reasons to choose BT Broadband

There's no escaping the fact that BT is one of the UK's leading and most popular broadband providers, but there are more than enough reasons to justify why this is the case.

As you can see with our featured deal above, you can get some fantastic offers and quality service. However, if we look at BT's wider broadband packages, what becomes clear is that this firm has an option to suit pretty much any online needs. From slower but cheaper ADSL and fibre tariffs, all the way through to those with speeds nearing 1Gbps. 

BT is also of course a market leader when it comes to broadband and TV products - and it has recently partnered with EE to offer such packages via EETV. As such, it sits alongside the likes of Sky and Virgin Media in terms of the channel packages you can get - and this includes its TNT Sports options.

BT even has top customer services and you can get support across multiple channels, including over the phone, via email, social media, apps, and online accounts. It also scores better than average in terms of complaints handling - according to the latest Ofcom data.

Where BT has faced criticism before is with its pricing, as when its broadband isn't on offer it can be more expensive than most. So if you aren't able to make the most of a cut-price deal and want to look elsewhere, check out our guide to the best broadband deals, or use our widget below to see what packages you can get in your location today.

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