The Meta Quest 3 Lite gets another image leak – and a new name

Meta Quest 3
A cheaper Meta Quest 3 model could be on the way (Image credit: Meta)

Nothing is official yet, but it seems increasingly likely that a cheaper version of the Meta Quest 3 is on the way. Now we have a freshly leaked image of the headset – which apparently isn't called the Meta Quest 3 Lite.

That's the name we've used for previous leaks, but as per a now-deleted Reddit post reposted to social media by @Lunayian (via Android Central), this upcoming device is actually going to be called the Meta Quest 3s.

Adding a lower-case letter to the name of a more affordable product has been done before, and doesn't come with the connotations of sub-standard quality that you might get with 'Lite', so we're inclined to believe the leak could be accurate.

This information apparently comes from slides taken from an internal Meta presentation, and one of them shows the Meta Quest 3 and the Meta Quest 3s side by side – which might soon be the choice for buyers heading to the Meta online store.

Headset design

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As for the design of the headset, it has a slightly unusual camera configuration on the front – this was missing in an earlier image leak, and given the importance of passthrough tech for mixed reality applications, there are probably going to be cameras somewhere.

The design looks a little thicker, probably due to the cheaper components inside, and is reminiscent of both the Oculus Go and the Oculus Quest 2. Specs-wise, the resolution is listed as 1832 x 1920 pixels, compared to 2064 x 2208 pixels on the Meta Quest 3.

As usual, it's difficult to verify the authenticity of these images, especially as the original Reddit post has been deleted and came from a source we haven't heard from before. This might be the cheaper Meta Quest 3 – or it might not be.

It would certainly make sense for Meta to want to put out a cheaper model to appeal to a broader range of consumers, and it's apparently something Apple is thinking about for its Vision Pro too. Watch this space.

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