Memory games – how an animator turbocharged his tech

Animation is a realm where designers can be creative and spontaneous – for once, you can be silly, loud and bright. So it’s no wonder that for Gavin Strange – director and designer at a globally renowned UK studio – staring at a render bar for hours is no fun at all.

A mixed-media artist who moonlights as “JamFactory”, Gavin loves the thrill of 3D, 2D, live action and music. Smashing it all together to make wonderful, almost living, breathing pieces of work.

Taking us inside his colourful home studio, he reveals his set-up – a PC that he’s super-charged with the new T700 Gen5 NVMe SSD from Crucial, a brand he’s long revered as the industry experts. 

An image of the Crucial T700 Gen5 NVMe SSD

(Image credit: Crucial)

“My family think all I do is play with toys, but what they don’t know is that it’s way more complex than that, it’s fusing technology and creativity together,” he says. Beneath that frivolous façade, the creative industries are a serious business – and the power to fuse worlds is all his. 

The 5th generation of PCIe SSDs is changing the game for creatives like Gavin – the T700 unleashing up to  11.8GB/s data writing speeds. Read figures clock in even faster at 12.4GB/s. So if you’re looking for a new PC build or upgrade – whether as a creator or gamer – then this one gives you that extra edge.

Gavin Strange talks about why he loves Crucial SSDs.

(Image credit: Future)

“My inspiration comes from all over, whether it’s outside in the real world or in the studio," says Gavin. “But when I’m back here, it’s absolutely crucial that my technology can keep up with the speed of my ideas.” 

“I get more power to create - it’s that simple!”

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