TV Black Friday deals: how to find a brilliant buy in 2018

Black Friday TV deals OLED

'Tis the season for discounts. Black Friday is one of the best times of the year for getting consumer gadgets at slashed prices, and many an eagle-eyed shopper will be looking to pick up the best deal they can for a new television.

Buying a new TV is usually one of the most expensive purchases a person will make to furnish their home, so it's no surprise you'd want to make sure you're getting the best deal.

So whether you're looking to upgrade to a top-end OLED screen at a reasonable price, or just find a nifty discount for a more mid-range set, we've put together one single page to guide you through the deals bonanza that is to come. 

First things first: when is Black Friday, and what sort of deals are we talking?

When is Black Friday 2018?

The day of sales falls on Friday 30 November, though there'll be plenty of deals going in the previous weeks. There's also going to be plenty of retailers trying to offload their stock through to the following Cyber Monday (December 3), though it's more of an event in the US than elsewhere.

And of course after that, it's basically Christmas, so it's not like the flurry of deals will completely die up when you hit December.

How to get the best TV deals on Black Friday

Whatever you're looking to snatch in the sales, it's best to go in with a general budget in mind and have a clear idea of what sort of television you want.

While there'll be deals a-plenty, not everything on the shelves will get a discount. When it comes to televisions, it's likely to be slightly older sets, as manufacturers and retailers will be trying to shift old stock and make room for the newest range of LCD and OLED TVs – either those just out this year or those just around the corner.

The larger or more expensive sets will be the most likely to get massive reductions, so if a few hundred off a $2,000 / £1,500 set is the difference between purchase and an unclimbable paywall, there may be something for you. More mid-range (sub-$1,000 / £800) sets will also be getting sizeable discounts, though if you're looking at budget offerings there's only so much cheaper they can go.

Currys, Argos, John Lewis, and Richer Sounds in the UK are all retailers likely to be pushing the best deals – as well as the likes of Best Buy, Walmart, and Amazon. Keep an eye on the current retail prices for the sets you're eyeing up, so you know what's actually a new deal and what's been stuck on the same reduced price tag for months.

What to look for in a new television

High Dynamic Range (HDR) is now considered a general standard for modern televisions and allows for a richer, more vivid picture quality. So if you're buying a new set you'll probably want this included. 

There'll also be a lot of retailers shouting about '4K UHD' television displays. While having a 4K display isn't as crucial as HDR – there's only so much content available in 4K, after all – it will generally be found in higher quality sets, and might be good future-proofing if you're planning to hold onto this television for a while.

It goes without saying that 'smart' features like integrated apps, streaming services and browsers are now built right into most TVs nowadays – but just in case, check that you're getting a connected set that lets you access all these modern features. For what exactly this entails, we have a more fleshed out guide to each smart TV platform too.

The best Black Friday TV deals we saw last year

Samsung UE40KU6020 - down to £349 (was £549)

One of the most tempting offers we saw was Samsung's 40-inch Ultra HD HDR TV, at the bargain basement price of just £349 - it's even cheaper now a year on, but at the time it was still a sharp discount on a superb 4K television.

Save up to £1,800 on LG OLED TVs at Currys:

Currys ran an incredible Black Friday deal on LG's high-end OLED TVs, with savings of up to £1,800 on the original prices. Here's hoping the retailer is as keen to shift those sets this year.

Sony Bravia KDL32WE613 - down to £279 (was £370): 

This 32-inch 720p TV might be a little smaller than others on this list, but you get built-in access to streaming services as well as HDR - and last year it went for a measly £279 on Amazon.

LG 43UJ630V - now £349 (was £429): 

This 43-inch TV had it all for a very low price. A HDR 4K display and with a top suite of Smart features including Netflix and Amazon Prime Instant video - not to mention five years free breakdown cover included.

Sony Bravia KD65XE7002 4K - down to £1,179 (was £1,500): 

A top-end home cinema TV at a considerable 20% cut off the original cost. Sure, it's still expensive, but for the price it's still a good way to get a massive 4K HDR TV into your home.

Our deals predictions for Black Friday 2018

As with Black Friday of years gone by, there'll be plenty of discounts, whether small ones chipping helpfully away at the RRP or big ones collapsing the manufacturer's profit margin.

We expect discounts on some of the older OLED sets out there, like the £1,299 Philips OLED 873, since upstaged by the OLED 803 and OLED+ 903. The Sony Bravia A1E OLED – £1,999 for the 55-inch model – is also ripe for a price slash, as is the £1,099 Sony Bravia XE90 LCD, both of which have since seen newer, more up-to-date models released in the meantime.

On the budget end, TCL's C-Series and Hisense's N6800 offer great 4K/HDR at affordable prices – each nestling around £600-700 – and now could be the time to get them at their lowest prices yet. Samsung's cheap-but-capable 4K smart TV, the Samsung NU7100, could also dip down from £549 to some very tempting levels.

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All that aside, Black Friday and Cyber Monday are going to see fleets of deals and plummeting prices across all sorts of consumer tech: everything from laptops and iPads to smartphones, Kindles, and streaming sticks.

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