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QuadCamera review

Embracing the iPhone's naff camera!

QuadCamera creates interesting pictures in minutes on your iPhone that would otheriwse take hours of work

Our Verdict

The interface feels a little odd, but the results are charming


  • Great effect
  • Nice results


  • Odd interface
  • Some effects are poor

Long before the iPhone's camera was being criticised, enthusiasts exploited the low-fi effects from Holga and Lomo's cameras.

All produced images with crazily saturated colours and prominent vignetting, and some models have four lenses, which take four sequential shots on one exposure. Now, that ability and more has come to the iPhone, and it feels right at home.

With QuadCamera, you set a delay between the shots, aim and press the trigger. The shots are taken and stitched together – you can choose between a 2x2, 4x1, 4x2 or 8x1 grid – then the vignette is applied to each one.

You can apply a range of other effects – vivid, dull, greyscale, bright, high-contrast – as well, and the results go from being bad photographs to being little miniature works of art. The sequential firing adds a lovely element of time, too.