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Photo fx review

A capable image editor with great results

Photo fx
Its no Photoshop but the range of effects in Photo Fx is well worth having on your iPhone

Our Verdict

Of most use with portraits, but there's some fun stuff here too; a useful, cheap tool


  • Great for portraits
  • Good range of fun stuff
  • Useful


  • Effects applied globally
  • Need to save each effect

We've been waiting a long time for a photo editor on the iPhone that's not just about adding moustaches to your mother-in-law, and it looks like we might have seen the first - Photo fx.

Photo fx is no Photoshop-wannabe – you're limited to applying edits and effects globally, and you can't add more than one effect at a time without saving the first round of changes to a new image and then loading and manipulating this second version – but it's spectacular stuff nonetheless.

Effects are split into five sections, and you control how much each edit affects the image with an intuitive set of sliders and presets.

They look pretty good, too, and while there's not much that can be done to completely fix the disappointing results from the iPhone's camera, we're happy to recommend it. It's particularly good for giving portrait shots a quick polish before sharing.