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Cynapse Localscope review

A better way to track down local amenities with your iPhone

Cynapse Localscope
Now you can know what's to hand with a quick search


  • Multiple databases
  • Real-time direction pointer
  • Quickly get Maps directions


  • No service is perfect

With its GPS and built-in Maps app, the iPhone’s the perfect tool for discovering what’s around you. But when you search the aforementioned app for, say, ‘Chinese restaurants’, it searches the Google database only.

Localscope goes further by enabling you to search the Google, Bing, Foursquare, Twitter and Wikimapia services. While none on their own are perfect (our local takeaway was either missing or in the wrong place on each and every service), being able to access several databases from a single app means you’ve got a much greater chance of finding what you’re after.

There’s a standard list of things you’re likely to want to find – banks, cafés and so on – and you can add your own searches and mark these as favourites, so they’re just a few taps away.

As well as listing the search results, we really like how the app tells you how far away each one is, updates the distance in real time as you walk, and points you in the direction of each entry.

We also love the way you can easily tap through from the app to get directions to a given listing from your current location. Alternatively, there’s a map view or an augmented reality mode, the latter of which is perhaps cooler than it is useful.

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