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Gotow Layers (iPhone) review

Unleash your creativity with this iPhone drawing app

Gotow Layers (iPhone)
A fun and uncomplicated drawing app for your iPhone that's only limited by the iPhone itself

Our Verdict

Limited by the iPhone itself, but accomplished and fun for artists and kids alike


  • Great interface
  • Export as PSD
  • Can use photos as layers


  • Fixed pixel dimensions seem a bit weird
  • Limited by the iPhone

There are countless painting apps on the App Store, but Gotow Layers is special.

It's not just that its surprisingly decent natural media brushes produce some genuinely good results, aided by a slider to control opacity and an eyedropper to suck up colour.

As the name suggests, it's the fact that you can add up to five layers, and even export your creations as layered PSDs, which makes this app stand out.

You can even choose a photo as a layer; just use the eyedropper and you can cheat at creating decent stabs at art.

The square canvas and fixed pixel dimensions can feel a bit restrictive, and the limitations of the iPhone platform – a lack of pressure sensitivity, plus a small screen that necessitates controls having to be called up separately with a shake of the iPhone – can be irksome, but it's still a good app to satisfy those creative urges.

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