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BT Equinox 1200 review

A BT phone with a colour screen. We're thrilled

Our Verdict

Its looks may be quite futuristic, but what's inside is less so


  • Futuristic stand and colour screen

    SIM-copying feature

    Call quality's okay


  • It's big - even by DECT standards

    The build quality's shoddy

Whether you need it or not, you can bet that your next gadget will have a colour screen. MP3 players and home phones are the latest to get the treatment, even if - as is the case with this BT phone - all a colour display adds is a touch of futuristic glam.

Sadly, the glam evaporates when you use the phone. The handset is too fat, the buttons feel nasty and cheap, and the polyphonic ringtones are horrendous.

On the bright side, call quality's reasonable, there's a slot for copying contacts from a mobile SIM, and you can assign different ringtones to different callers if you sign up to Caller ID.