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LG 32LV550T review

Impressive mid-range TV with bags of features and enjoyably cinematic 2D performance

LG 32LV550T
An impressive budget TV with features such as LED edge lighting usually reserved for more expensive sets


  • Excellent value
  • Very good post-calibration pictures
  • Expansive online and multimedia features
  • Excellent operating system


  • Numerous pointless apps in Smart TV
  • Weak audio
  • Slightly soft standard-def images

Don't be fooled by the lack of 3D, the 32-inch 32LV550T is very well specified indeed for a £600 TV.

Highlights of what's on offer include LG's new Smart TV online system with numerous video streaming sources and a new store full of apps. You'll also find extensive multimedia playback potential comes courtesy of USB inputs and DLNA PC networking - complete with LG's currently exclusive tie-up with the Plex online multimedia interface.

Edge LED lighting, meanwhile, is still quite unusual for affordable 32-inch TVs; as well as significantly reducing power consumption benefits, it can deliver picture quality benefits such as rich colours, high brightness levels and enhanced contrast – provided its tendency to suffer from inconsistent illumination is kept in check.

The 32LV550T is the smallest member of the LV550T range; above it are the 37-inch 37LV550T, 42-inch 42LV550T, and 47-inch 47LV550T. LG's LV450U series provides edge LED for less money, but you'll have to do without Freeview HD tuner or any Smart TV capability.

If you want 3D on an edge LED TV from LG, meanwhile, your cheapest port of call is the LW450U range.