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Lovefilm lands on LG Smart TVs

Lovefilm lands on LG Smart TVs
Lovefilm - now loving LG TVs

Lovefilm isn't resting on its laurels after last week's Netflix launch, having now announced that it is bringing all its movie-streaming smarts to LG Smart TVs.

LG-owning Lovefilm subscribers will be able to stream Lovefilm's 5,000-strong library of on-demand films, although you won't be able to take advantage of its pay-per-view movies which tend to be the more recent releases.

What makes this different to any other TV-based streaming service is that you can control it with the LG Magic Remote feature – so instead of languidly tapping buttons on a remote control, you can instead flail around like an octopus trying to knit.

Motion in the ocean

Lovefilm is already on a host of smart TVs from Sony and Samsung, and LG is now running to join the connected pack.

LG may have been lagging behind on Lovefilm but it has pipped its competitors to the post when it comes to Google TV integration, having announced the first Google TV television at CES 2012.

Newly-launched Lovefilm competitor Netflix, meanwhile, is currently only available on Samsung Smart TVs, although it can also be found on LG Blu-ray and home theatre systems.