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Panasonic introduces Armageddon-proof SD cards

Panasonic introduces Armageddon proof SD cards
New SD cards will take a kicking from the elements

Panasonic has introduced the toughest SD cards ever.

The new range of storage cards will go on sale in Japan next month and will be heat proof from -17F (-27C) to 185F (85C), perfect for a trip to the Antarctic or, well, the Earth's core. Like in that movie, The Core.

For all you avid deep-sea divers out there they can take a bath in 3.3ft of water for over half an hour and they'll comfortably survive a decent drop from a relatively high cliff.

However, here's where it gets really interesting. The new card range, dubbed SDAB and SDUB, can withstand electricity, contact with magnets and a trip to the X-ray room.

Will somebody please think of the photos!

Tough cameras have been all the rage in recent years, but if all of your precious pictures don't survive the elements then it all feels a little academic. Nice work, Panny.

As we mentioned, the cards, which range from 8GB to 64GB will write at speeds of up to 95Mb/s go on sale in Japan on September 8. There's no news yet on whether they'll make it to European or US shores.

Via: Engadget