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Ofcom confirms 80 per cent 3G UK coverage

Ofcom: satisfied
Ofcom: satisfied with 3G coverage

Ofcom has announced that the UK's five mobile phone networks have all met the 80 per cent coverage of the nation obligations.

Although four out of the five networks who are 3G licence holders were in compliance with the 80 per cent coverage requirement by 31 December 2007, O2 took a little longer.

However, the communications watchdog has now confirmed that it has ended its assessment with all five given a thumbs-up on the condition that they maintain the coverage levels.

Obligation met

"Ofcom today announced that all of the 3G licence holders have met their obligation to maintain coverage to 80 per cent of the population as of the 31 December 2008," said Ofcom in a statement.

"Ofcom expects all of the 3G licence holders to maintain this level of coverage in future."

The five networks with 3G licences are O2, Orange, Vodafone, H3G and T-Mobile.