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Upgraded: the new Palm Pre Plus

Palm Pixi Plus
The Palm Pixi gets bumped along with the Pre

Palm has announced it has upgraded its webOS-based smartphone range, cleverly just adding 'Plus' on the end of each.

The new Palm Pre Plus isn't crazily different to the original (which you may remember was announced this time last year) with the main difference being the small navigation button disappearing on the front.

It also now has 16GB, rather than 8GB of on board memory, although there's still no expansion through memory card as yet. The induction cover for the Touchstone wireless charging point will also be included as standard, where before it was an optional extra purchase.

P-p-p-p-pick up a Palm Pixi Plus

The Pixi Plus has also been refreshed, with Wi-Fi now included as standard, which some saw as a major failing in the original version.

This is a big plus for UK-dwellers, as the Pixi has been confirmed as debuting over here at some point, but hasn't got a release date yet – looks like it will be coming with Wi-Fi though.

Also, Palm has announced 3D gaming for its webOS platform – EA Mobile and Gameloft are already populating the Palm app catalogue ready for some in-depth mobile gaming.