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Spoof Obama texts nominate Homer Simpson for VP

Phone keypad
What fun - subverting democracy and wasting friends' time

Quite why it should be news that US politician Barack Obama is announcing his presidential running mate by text message, we have no idea, but we like the idea of SMS disinformation being spread by some naughty Americans.

Apparently, the website of US carrier Verizon allows easy spoofing of the phone number sending a text message, making it a cinch to have Obama 'nominate' Homer Simpson, Margaret Thatcher or even some guy called Joe Biden.

Best possible taste

To pull the trick off properly, spoofers need to have someone to send the fake message to (obviously) and also to set the 'from' and 'reply to' numbers to 62262.

We're sure the whole thing's hilarious but remember, kids – a vice president is not just for Christmas, OK?