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LG to enhance mobile TV

Woo Paik, LG's chief technology officer and self-styled 'father of digital TV' today, announced the firm's new mobile TV vision at CES 2008.

MPH - or Mobile Pedestrian Handheld - is due to revolutionise US mobile TV, Paik said, bringing live digital broadcasts to mobile phones, notebook computers, personal media players, GPS units, and in-car TV sets.

Developed with Zenith and Harris Corporation, LG's MPH technology is set to enhance the mobile video picture to offer broadcast-quality video.

"LG's new MPH technology is TV to the power of three," Paik said at LG's keynote at CES 2008 this morning. "It allows high speed mobility for users, high-definition quality programming, and multicast variety for broadcasters."

MPH - "the most exciting mobile broadcast TV offering for consumers" - will support Digital Video Broadcasting - Handheld (DVB-H) technology, which has already been adopted as the European mobile TV standard.

MPH will offer plenty of US national and time-sensitive local content, Paik said. The form factors are still under wraps but Paik showed off some minimalist-looking USB dongles and media players.

LG promised the MPH technology would be low-cost, as existing TV powers would be able to transmit mobile TV signals with an additional MPH exciter.

"We expect to see a number of MPH receivers in a range of form factors from a variety of manufacturers next year," Paik said.