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LG's GD910 watch phone costs less than expected

LG releases the GD910 in France
LG releases the GD910 in France

LG's GD910 watch phone has debuted in France for the princely sum of €899 (£770).

While this is still outrageously expensive for a mobile phone (especially when that's only the on-contract price) it's a darn sight cheaper than previously thought.

Early estimates placed the phone at around £1,000 on contract due to 'leaks' from LG and Orange (which is also exclusively picking up the device in the UK) but it's happily appeared for over £200 less.

Future pricing

Of course, that price could still go up or down when it's released over here (and we still don't know exactly when that will be) but given Samsung has said it probably won't be releasing its watchphone effort in the UK there's not likely to be a price war.

Admittedly it is some very cool technology, with a 14mm thin device holding a splashproof 1.43-inch screen. We don't want to go down the stereotypical Dick Tracy comparison route, but we'd imagine everyone using the LG GD910 would be using video calling a lot more than before.

It apparently also uses LG's most advanced voice recognition and synthesis technologies according to the French release - so we'll look forward to that when it appears.