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LG could be working on the Nexus 5 after all

LG could be working on the Nexus 5 after all
Who do you think is building the Nexus 5?

Who's making the Nexus 5? The answer varies depending on which "industry insider" or "upsteam supply chain source" you listen to, but the latest reports are pointing towards LG again.

The Korean firm did a mighty fine job on the Google Nexus 4, so it wouldn't be a huge surprise if the search giant stuck to its guns and gave LG another spin - like it did with Samsung for the Nexus S and Galaxy Nexus.

Although earlier this week an LG executive distanced the firm from the Nexus 5, what we're hearing today from Korean site Daum is that it's already got a prototype in testing.

Google glimpse

Testing has reportedly been going on for a few months now, but LG is trying to keep everything under lock and key.

Apparently LG has already shown off its Nexus 5 prototype to Google big-wig Larry Page - although there's no way to verify this information.

The article also mentioned sales figures for the Nexus 4 handset, pegging them at around 3 million (some way off the 10 million the Samsung Galaxy S4 managed in under a month), although LG hasn't officially confirmed the number of units it's shipped.

Via UnwiredView